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The UIC Advantage

Underwood International College (UIC) is a highly selective four-year liberal arts college. It offers an intimate, elite setting within the larger institution of Yonsei University. All instruction is conducted in English and the college is open to students of all nationalities. UIC seeks to balance a rigorous liberal arts foundation with diverse, often interdisciplinary, majors and to produce future global leaders. 

UIC brings together visiting and permanent faculty from top universities around the world and draws upon the Yonsei faculty in order to educate creative, critical, and independent thinkers who will take their place on an international stage.

UIC aims to generate a vibrant, truly multinational community for our students while taking advantage of local opportunities unique to East Asia. In addition to a broadly based liberal arts education, UIC draws upon the rich and distinguished tradition of Korean studies at Yonsei. The curriculum capitalizes on Seoul’s distinctive location as a crossroads of East Asia, bringing together students and faculty interested in Asian studies and offering a Korean Studies minor. UIC students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the close partnerships established with peer institutions in China, Japan, and other Asian countries. UIC students also have the chance to spend a year in any of over 620 institutions in 59 countries, through Yonsei's extensive exchange program.


“UIC is a place full of opportunities where we can fully explore our interests and potentials;
a place where one meets great people and learns much from them, a very international place
where one can grow into a global citizen, and a place for genuine and lasting friendships.”
- Ngoc Tram Nguyen, 08 Economics -


“UIC is unique. You will see a wide range of diversity among students.
To have the opportunity to enroll as a student is priceless.”
- Yoan Putri Hartono, 11 Economics -



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