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Yonsei International Campus in Songdo

The Freshman Residential College
As Yonsei freshman, UIC students will reside in the newly-built Yonsei International Campus (YIC) in Songdo, Incheon. The Residential College (RC) system provides community-based academic and social activities including arts, sports, and community services beyond the classroom. The first in the nation to adopt the RC system for all incoming freshman students in 2013, YIC serves as the benchmark for other leading universities in Korea.

Upper Student Housing
On Campus Housing: I-House, SK Global & Muhak Dormitory at Sinchon, Seoul. There are three housing options available for upper-class students at the main campus in Sinchon: The International House (I-House or Kukje Haksa), SK Global House, and Muhak dormitory. A mixture of Korean and non-Korean students live in the dormitory, providing an international atmosphere where English is the primary language.

Housing Fees

Dormitory Option SK Global House Int'l House Muak Dormitory Int'l Campus
Location Sinchon Campus (Seoul) Int'l Campus (Incheon)
Room Type Single Double Double Double Triple
(16 weeks & 6 days)
2,354 USD 1,590 USD 1,298 USD 656 USD 753 USD
(8 weeks & 2 days)
1,176 USD 795 USD 655 USD 465 USD Housing Price is the same for each semester but a one-time deposit of USD 94 required during first
(16 weeks & 6 days)
2,354 USD 1,590 USD 1,298 USD 656 USD
(8 weeks & 2 days)
1,176 USD 795 USD 655 USD n/a

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