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Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Division (HASS)

Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) Division focuses on interdisciplinary approaches covering various field of interest from regional studies, art, business, social sciences, to humanities. Students not only specialize in their respective fields, but also learn to explore and utilize the broader perspectives and framework that are requisite in today’s workplace, whether it be the public sector, multinational corporations, NGOs, or academia.


The Culture and Design Management (CDM) major aims to nurture and train globally talented individuals who can plan, produce, and manage creative contents and new businesses in the culture industry through the convergence of culture, design, and technology. As the supply exceeds the demand and the technical barriers decrease, companies and countries are investing aggressively to ensure design capabilities that expose their own cultural identities. In order to keep up with today’s market trends, the CDM major provides a variety of programs that enable students to gain practical experiences as well as fundamental knowledge regarding the culture industry.

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