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There is more to life at Yonsei than lectures and exams. Don’t miss out on all the fun activities where you can make new friends and become part of the long-standing school traditions that all students and alumni hold dearly.

Daedong Festival: the Essence of Yonsei Spirit
Joining in this huge carnival where the blue waves of students celebrate the school spirit while enjoying amazing concerts, performances, exhibitions, and so much more, will surely make you feel even more proud to be a Yonseian.

Yon-Kojeon: Yonsei-Korea Friendship Sports Festival
More commonly known as “Yon-Kojeon”, this series of sports matches is intended to promote school spirit and build fraternity between Yonsei University and Korea University, and is a great opportunity to show off the cheerleading skills you learn at the pep rally in your freshman year! The main sports competitions include baseball, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, and soccer.

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