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Tuition fee

Below is the table of fees for one semester of the 2021 academic year.

 International Students Track
Overseas Students Track***
Early Admission(Korean)
Admission Fee * 388,000 353,000
Tuition Fee 7,212,000 6,869,000
Miscellaneous Fees ** 50,000 50,000
Total 7,650,000 7,272,000

[Unit : Korean Won]
[Per semester]

* Paid in the first semester of your enrollment.
** Miscellaneous Student Fees include payments to the Yonsei Student Council, Yonsei Living Coop., and etc.
Students can pay the Yonsei Student Council, Yonsei Living Coop., and Miscellaneous Fees after school starts by contacting the departments individually.
*** International students, foreign nationals, holding foreign nationalists, who were admitted through extra-quota special tracks such as "Overseas Korean track," "International students track," or "Equal opportunities special track."

The total cost does not include personal expenses and exchange rate is subject to change.

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