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Every student is required to have a medical insurance while enrolled at the Underwood International College, Yonsei University.

The medical insurance policy is to ensure that every student has access to medical services, procedures, and treatments required in case of illness or medical emergencies. The university does not provide an official medical insurance package.

Instead, international students may apply for the special medical insurance offered by the university in partnership with Dongbu Insurance.

To apply online for Inbound Student Insurance at Yonsei University, please log on to : www.foreignerdb.com/yonsei3

  • Students who are on the registration list can pay their insurance premiums by logging on and Checking the account number and the amount due.
  • Students not currently registered can apply by selecting the “new applicant” option.”
  • Students who do not have an Alien Registration Number should input 000000 - 5000040,
  • if the student is a male. If the student is a female, she should input 000000 - 6000040.

Please carefully check the amount of your insurance premium as well as the account number into which you will deposit the insurance premium.

Please deposit the premium within five days of the day you registered for the insurance.
For English language support, contact 02-3140-1722 or 02-776-8500.

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