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Every student is required to have a medical insurance while enrolled at the Underwood International College, Yonsei University. The medical insurance policy is to ensure that every student has access to medical services, procedures, and treatments required in case of illness or medical emergencies.


National Health Insurance (NHI)

  • The National Health Insurance(NHI) system is one of the social insurance schemes that provides benefits for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment etc. of possible disease and injuries for the purpose of improving citizens' health and promoting social security.
  • It is mandatory for all international students who are staying in Korea to register for health insurance with the National Health Insurance of Korea from March 1, 2021. Even if an international student do not report to the National Health Insurance Service(NHIS), NHIS automatically processes the registration.
  • D-2 Visa (Full-time degree program) students will be enrolled on the date of Alien Registration(initial arrival) or the date of re-entry.
  • Payment Method for NHI contributions
    • (In-Person) Visit a bank or convenient store (Bill required)
    • (Contact-Free) Mobile, website, virtual account, automatic transfer.
  • Exemption from coverage: in case where intergovernmental agreement is made(France), where overseas medical expenses are paid by one's native country(Japan), where a foreigner residing in Korea is provided with medical guarantee as a government official, soldier, retiree, or his/her family(US, UN) etc
  • Failure to pay the contributions may cause disadvantages when applying for permission of stay to the Ministry of Justice such as Visa extension.

Please refer to National Health Insurance Service booklet for further information.


Private insurance prior to foreigner registration

It will take around 6 to 8 weeks to apply for and receive the Alien Registration Card. In other words, the subscription to National Health Insurance will be processed in 6 to 8 week period. This results in a 6-8 weeks where one will not be covered by insurance. It is recommended for international students to subscribe to a personal insurance valid for 2 to 3 months from the moment of arrival to Korea, or subscribe to private insurance product by the company below.

Please carefully check the amount of your insurance premium as well as the account number into which you will deposit the insurance premium.

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