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The Career Development Center (CDC) at the Underwood International College provides services and resources to guide and prepare students for successful careers. For more information, please contact the CDC Director, Professor Joe Phillips (joephillips@yonsei.ac.kr), or the CDC Associate Director, Professor Chad Denton (chaddenton@yonsei.ac.kr).

During the 2021-1 semester, please note the following information to schedule a meeting with CDC professors:


  • Professor Joe Phillips (joephillips@yonsei.ac.kr):  Confer via Zoom after contacting him by email.  
  • Professor Loren Goodman (loren.goodman@gmail.com): Confer via Zoom after contacting him by email
  • Professor Philip Cho (philip.s.cho@gmail.com): Contact for appointment by email or call at 010.2314.9107
  • Professor Tomoko Seto (tseto@yonsei.ac.kr): Confer during office hours (Tue. & Thurs. 1:30-2:30 pm). Confer via Zoom after contacting her by email.
  •  Professor Natalja Deng (nataljadeng@yonsei.ac.kr): Here is a google calendar where you can sign up for office hour slots. Each slot is 15 mins long, and slots are available on Mondays 10am-11am; Wednesdays 10am-12pm and 1pm-2pm. To sign up, click on the slot you want and write your name. When the time comes, click on the zoom link below. Please sign up at least two days beforehand, that is, by midnight on Monday for a Wednesday slot and by mid-night on Saturday for a Monday slot.

For any other inquiries, please e-mail CDC Sinchon TA (uic.career.ta@gmail.com)or CDC Songdo TA (inquirygcsuic@gmail.com).

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