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As the official student-run newsmagazine of Underwood International College, The UIC Scribe reflects all the qualities that make UIC such a distinctive institution in East Asia: diversity and vitality, thoughtful, unbiased inquiry, and high standards of excellence.

Each issue, then, exemplifies the commitment of its journalists to providing intelligent, in-depth, and well-written coverage of the people, events, and issues that matter to the UIC community. With this in mind, the Scribe is always on the lookout for motivated new writers who wish to make their mark at UIC by producing engaging, high-quality articles, as well as photographers and layout designers whose talents will contribute to the overall excellence of the publication. Scribe members have the privilege of working closely with a dedicated and generous group of writers, designers, editors, and faculty members throughout the revision process, and each journalist has the freedom to investigate the topics that interest her or him, whether these be in the arts, popular culture, politics, current events, or UIC itself.

The UIC Scribe generally publishes one issue per semester, so prospective new members need to submit their application early in the semester, and they should be willing to commit to writing for the Scribe for at least two semesters. All interested students are therefore cordially invited to contact the Scribe’s editorial staff at <scribe.uic@gmail.com>. For more information, please visit https://yonseiuicscribe.com/.

Winter 2011

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UIC Scribe November 2010

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Winter 2010

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