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[Updated as of June 17] 2019-2~2020-2 Yonsei University Lecturer Recruitment Announcement
Jun 13, 2019  |  Read: 1,869

2019-2~2020-2 Yonsei University Lecturer Recruitment Announcement

※The English version of the Recruitment Announcement is provided only to assist applicants’ understanding. In the case of any discrepancies, the Korean version will be considered the standard (Announcement in Korean: HERE).

※ The online application process is available only in Korean. If you require assistance in English, please schedule an appointment with the UIC Office (Sinchon/Songdo) via email (uic_services@yonsei.ac.kr).  

1.       Schedule




Lecturer   Recruitment Announcement and Application Period

Jun.13   (Thur) 14:00

~   Jun. 19 (Wed) 16:00

-      Only Internet   applications are accepted (In person applications not accepted)

Application   site: JinhakApply Lecturer Recruitment System


-      No additional documents required.

-      Only applications   received by the application deadline will be evaluated. After the application   period has closed, you will not be able to edit or submit the application, so   you must submit prior to the application deadline.

Announcement of   Results
  (1st Round)

Jul.   1 (Mon) 17:00

-      Only applicable for   applicants to courses that do not require a second round of evaluation.

(Please   refer to the attached list of courses for recruitment.)

Announcement of   Applicants for 2nd Round (interview, open class, practical   evaluation, etc.)

Jul.   1 (Mon) 17:00

-      Only applicable for   applicants to courses requiring a second round of evaluation.

2nd Round:   Interview, Open Class, Practical Evaluation

Jul.   4 (Thu)

~   Jul. 5 (Fri)

-      Detailed time and   place will be announced on the website (some departments may contact   applicants individually).

-      Applicants   must bring official IDs.

Announcement of   Results
  (2nd Round)

Jul.   12 (Fri) 17:00

-      Announcement of   results for the second round of evaluations.

Submission   of additional documents (for generation of office ID card) of accepted   applicants (1st & 2nd round)

Jul.   12 (Fri) 17:00

~   Jul. 16 (Tue) 16:00

-      All candidates must   log onto the Jinhak system and complete all required additional information   or documents (only those who submit required documents within the designated   period will be offered the position).

-      If candidates do not   submit within the deadline, the offer will be automatically cancelled and the   waitlist will be notified in order of position.

Additional   documents and information for accepted applicants from the 1st   round

Individual   contact

 ※    Application acceptance and the announcement of successful applicants will be announced on the website (https://www.yonsei.ac.kr). The schedule may change according to the circumstances of the university. 

2. Recruitment: Refer to the attached “List of Courses for Recruitment.” 

※    Applicants should select a desired set of courses from the “List of Courses for Recruitment,” and apply for no more than six hours a week.

※    Detailed information regarding the UIC courses can be found at this link: https://uic.yonsei.ac.kr/main/academic.asp?mid=m03_02_10

※    The campus is divided into Sinchon campus and International campus (in Songdo, Incheon). It is possible for some classes to be assigned to different campuses after the classes have been decided.

※    The lecture’s assigned time will be decided by consultation with the university after the lecturer’s appointment.

 3. Qualification: 

Applicants must meet the Public Officials Act, the Private School Act, and the University's Personnel Regulations. Applicants must have at least two years of research or teaching experience after obtaining their bachelor's degree (and must be younger than 70 as of September 1, 2019).

 ※ Specific courses may have additional eligibility criteria (see attached “List of Courses for Recruitment”).

 4. Contract Period: Sept. 1, 2019 ~ Aug. 31, 2020 (Specific courses: Sept. 1, 2019 ~ Feb. 28, 2021).

 5.  Evaluation Process

1st Round

  •   Comprehensive   evaluation of application form, self-introduction, research achievements, and   credentials submitted by the applicant.
  •   If your course   does not require a second round, you will be selected through the first   round.

2nd Round

  •   Only   applicable to courses requiring a second round.
  •   You can   confirm whether your course requires a second round in the attached “List of Courses   for Recruitment.”

 6. Application Documents (Must be submitted online; mail/email applications are not permitted)

A. Lecturer Application: Application form provided online. It will contain the following:

-          Personal Information

-          Field of Application, Course Plan

-          Academic Background

-          Teaching Experience: Teaching experience in universities or graduate schools for regular lecture courses (experience in university affiliated institutions and academic credit systems should be written in working experience).

-          Working Experience: Teaching experience outside of universities and graduate schools (university affiliated institutions included), other business experience

-          Self-Introduction: Focus on information related to your field of application and related courses.

B. Research Achievements and Certificates: Merge all documents into one PDF file and upload it (size limit: 10 MB).

-          You should include the cover pages of 3 of your major research works (within the last 3 years) and achievements related to your lecture career.

-          Certificates related to teaching experience and language exam scores.

※    During the application period, applicants can edit their application information on the “My Page” menu even after submission.

※    Applicants must ensure that their application is submitted properly before the deadline. Even if it is written and saved, if the applicant does not press “접수 완료,” their application will be eliminated from the review process. (Check if an application number has been created after pressing “접수 완료,” as the number is required to be processed in the system.)

7. Successful Applicants: Additional Information & Documents to Submit

A. Common Requirements

-          All successful applicants must click on the “합격자 임용의사” button in online application input additional information (ARC number, bank account, ID photo, etc.) within the designated period according to the announcement located on the Yonsei University website (https://www.yonsei.ac.kr) . Only applicants that submit all documents for employment will be hired for the position.

-          If the applicants fails to meet any of the above requirements within the designated period, the offer will be given to the next applicant on the waiting list without additional contact to the original applicant. By not meeting the requirements, the applicant is considered to have voluntarily given up the position.

-          All documents in foreign languages other than English must be submitted with a notarized copy translated into Korean.

-          During the document authentication process, if an applicant is found to have falsified any information or documents, they will be disqualified and their appointment will be cancelled.

-          Submitted documents will not be returned.

B. Documents to Submit

-          Consent Form for Checking Sex-Related Criminal Records

-          신원진술서 (Affidavit of Identity)

-          기본증명서 (Basic Credentials)

-          One copy of Diploma and Transcript (for each diploma listed in academic background)

-          One copy of the bank account (a domestic account with the applicant’s name that can deposit and withdraw, stock accounts not permitted)

-          Proof of Working Experience (working credentials, including teaching, listed in the application form)

-          Certificate of Employment (only if applicants listed corresponding information on the application form)

-          One copy of all credentials and licenses (listed in the application form)

-          Portfolio of Events (ex. pamphlets for exhibitions or recitals, only if applicants listed corresponding information on the application form)

8. Miscellaneous

A. If there is no suitable person, the university may cancel the recruitment.

B. The schedule for the recruitment of lecturers may be changed by the university.

C. The course the lecturer will teach may be changed according to the conditions for opening a class (depending on the conditions, lectures may be assigned or canceled).

D. After the recruitment process has been completed, all information will be deleted according to the Personal Information Protection Act. Please make sure to download and save the content you wrote at the time of application.

 9. Contacts: uic_services@yonsei.ac.kr

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