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Anthony C. Adler

Professor of German and Comparative Literature

  • Ph.D. German Literature and Critical Thought, Northwestern University, 2005 
  • Fulbright Fellow, Philosophy, Albert-Ludwigs Universitat, Freiburg, Germany, 1994-1995 
  • A.B. Religious Studies, Princeton University, 1994

Email: anthony.adler@gmail.com
Tel: 02-2123-3933
Office: Daewoo Annex Hall 401


Anthony Curtis Adler has been teaching German and comparative literature as an assistant professor at Underwood International College since the fall of 2006, and has also held positions at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Loyola University, and Northwestern University, where he received his doctorate in 2005 for a dissertation on the German poet Friedrich Hölderlin written under the direction of Peter Fenves, Sam Weber, and Terry Pinkard. His research combines interests in German and Continental philosophy, political theory, literary theory, aesthetics, media studies, and Classical Greek and Roman literature, and is especially concerned with the philosophical and political potential of the concept of the literary. He has published articles in Continental Philosophy Review, Angelaki: The Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, and other journals and book collections published by Fordham and Oxford University Press, and his translation, with interpretive essay, of Fichte's The Closed Commercial State will be published this April by SUNY Press. He is also working on a book-length study of Hoelderlin's "choreo-politics," and a philosophical investigation of the concept of celebrity.


Ph.D. Northwestern University, German Literature and Critical Thought.
Fulbright Fellow, Albert-Ludwigs Universität, 1994-1995, Philosophy.
A.B. Princeton University, 1994, cum laude in Religion.

Courses and Current Research Areas

Courses Taught at Yonsei

"Kant's Ethical, Political, and Aesthetic Thought," Spring 2012
"Introduction to German Philosophy,"  Fall 2011
"Heinrich Kleist: Violence and the Law," Spring 2011
"Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics," Fall 2011.
"Heidegger's Being and TIme,"  Spring 2011
"The Politics and Poetry of Life: An Introduction to Biopolitics," Spring 2010. 
"European Drama," Spring 2009.
"Language, Myth, and the Concept of Culture," Spring 2009.
"Romanticism and Poststructuralism," Fall 2008 (graduate)
"Romanticism," Fall 2008.
"Nietzsche and Literature," Spring 2007
"Novels of Education," Fall 2007.
"German Drama," Spring 2007.
"Exile and Inwardness," Fall 2006.
"The Tragedy of the Political," Fall 2006.

Selected Publications


J.G. Fichte, The Closed Commercial State: Translated and with an Interpretive Essay, tr. and ed. Anthony C. Adler (Albany: SUNY Press, 2012)


"Hölderlin's Political Epicureanism," selected for inclusion in Epicurean Movements, ed. Brook Holmes and Wilson Shearin (presently under review for publication in the Classical Presences series at Oxford University Press).

"Analog in the Age of Digital Reproduction: Audiophilia, Semi-Aura, and the Cultural Memory of the Phonograph," selected for inclusion in Writing Across Media, ed. Kiene Brillenburg Wurth, int. Sam Weber (under review at Fordham Press).

"The other Lilliput: commodity-life and the discontinuous space of television," Situations (forthcoming)

"Schrift, und Bewegung in Jakob von Gunten: Robert Walsers choreographische Metapolitik," Dogilmunhak (forthcoming).

"Virgil and the Future of the Humanities," Techne-Humanities 1,1.

"The Intermedial Gesture: Agamben and Kommerell," Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities 12, 3 (December 2007): 57-64.

"The Practical Absolute: Fichte's Hidden Poetics," Continental Philosophy Review 40,4 (December 2007): 407-433.

Reference Articles

"Vergil's Aeneid: Heroism, Cruelty, and Responsibility," in General Themes in Literature (Facts on File, Forthcoming 2009).

"Vergil's Aeneid: Heroism, Cruelty, and Responsibility," in General Themes in Literature (Facts on File, Forthcoming 2009). 

Book Reviews

Romantische Metaphorik des Fließens: Körper, Seele, Poesie,  ed. Walter Paper, German Studies Review (October 2009)

Boris Previscaroni's Hölderlins Rhythmus: Ein Handbuch, by Boris Previscaroni, German Studies Review (October 2009)

Hölderlin after the Catastrophe: Heidegger, Adorno, Brecht, by Robert Savage, German Studies Review (October 2009)

Women and Writing in the Works of Novalis: Transformation beyond Measure?, by James R. Hodkinson, German Studies Review (October 2009)

Transcendental Heidegger, ed. Steven Crowell and Jeff Malpas&rsquos German Studies Association (February 2009)

Heidegger's Topologies, by Jeff Malpas, German Studies Association (February 2009).

Passions of the Sign, by Andeas Gailus, German Studies Association (October 2008).


Thomas Schestag, Friend &hellip Brockes: Heinrich von Kleist in Letters,&rdquo trans. A. Adler, Eighteenth-Century Studies 32, 2 (Winter 1998-99): 261-77

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