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Hans Schattle
  • Professor of Political Science and International Relations
  • D. Phil. Politics, University of Oxford, 2004
  • M.A. Political Science, Boston College, 1998
  • B.A. in Economics and B.S. in Journalism, Boston University, 1991
  • Associate Professor, Yonsei University, 2008-2013

Email: hschattle@yonsei.ac.kr
Tel: 02-2123-5945


Hans Schattle works across the usual dividing lines in political science and international relations, with interests ranging from globalization, citizenship, media and democracy to the politics of the European and East Asia.  He has written two books, Globalization and Citizenship (2012) and The Practices of Global Citizenship (2007), both published by Rowman & Littlefield, as well as numerous articles in academic journals and commentaries in newspapers, including The New York Times / International Herald Tribune and the Christian Science Monitor.  He often gives interviews to journalists around the world and worked as a news reporter in his native New England before launching his academic career.


D. Phil. Politics, Universty of Oxford, 2004
M.A. Political Science, Boston College, 1998
B.A. in Economics and B.S. in Journalism, Boston University, 1991

Courses and Current Research Areas

American Government and Politics
European Politics and Policy
Introduction to Political Science
Politics, Media and Globalization
Seminar on Global Citizenship
Seminar on Political Communication
The Idea of Democracy
United States Foreign Policy

Selected Publications


2017    Making Social Democrats: Citizens, Mindsets, Realities.  Forthcoming with Manchester University Press.  (Edited collection with Jeremy Nuttall.)
2012       Globalization and Citizenship, Rowman & Littlefield.  Contribution to the globalization series edited by Manfred B. Steger and Terrell Carver.  
2008       The Practices of Global Citizenship, Rowman & Littlefield.

Refereed articles and book chapters

2015 “Global citizenship as a national project: The evolution of ‘segye shimin’ in South Korean public discourse.” Citizenship Studies 19(1): 53-68.

2015 “Testing the possibilities and limits of global and national public spheres: Lessons learned from the campaign to stop a military base in South Korea,” Globalizations 12(2): 169-189.

2014 “Mediating love of humanity, love of country and love of culture: A comparison of normative debates on global citizenship in the United States and South Korea,” Korea Journal 54(3): 5-32.

2014   “Governments and citizens in a globally interconnected world of states.” The SAGE Handbook of Globalization, Manfred B. Steger, Paul Battersby and Joseph Siracusa, eds., Sage, pp. 105-122.

2013       "The pursuit of state status and the shift toward international norms:  South Korea’s evolution as a host country for refugees.”  Forthcoming in Journal of Refugee Studies. (Wiith Jennifer McCann)

2013       “Cosmopolitanisms in flux:  Lingering impediments in the ‘West,’ rising interest in the ‘Rest,’ ” Il Politico (special issue on the European Union, nationalism and cosmopolitanism) 54(3): 147-68.
2012     “Solidarity as a unifying idea in shaping an East Asian community:  Toward an ethos of collective responsibility,” The Pacific Review 25(4): 473-94.  (With Sunhyuk Kim)
2010       “Human rights, transparency and transborder collaboration in Korea:  The case for a deliberative approach at the Kaesong Industrial Complex,” Pacific Focus 25(3): 417-38.
2010       “Conveying the first steps of global citizenship to children in Korea: A case study of an exhibit at the Samsung Children’s Museum,” Korean Journal of Sociology 44(6): 69-85.
2009       “External contestation in the European Union:  A call for further investigation at the nexus of European institutions, civil society organizations and transatlantic relations,” The Korean Journal of International Relations 49(3):  57-73.   
2009       “Global citizenship in theory and practice,” in Ross Lewin, in The Handbook of Practice and Research in Study Abroad: Higher Education and the Quest for Global Citizenship, Ross Lewin, ed., Routledge, pp. 3-20.
2008       “Education for global citizenship:  Illustrations of ideological pluralism and adaptation,”Journal of Political Ideologies 13(1): 73-94.
2005       “Communicating global citizenship:  Multiple discourses beyond the academy,” Citizenship Studies 9(2): 119-33.
2003       “Bringing perceptions from the ‘global village’ into American political science courses,”  PS:  Political Science & Politics 36(2): 433-36.  

Review articles
2009       “Review of Solidarity: From Civic Friendship to a Global Legal Community andDemocracy         Across Borders: From Dêmos to Dêmoi,” Perspectives on Politics 7(2): 395-96.
2009       “Bringing the world to the rising sun:  Review of Japan’s Global Future: An Agenda for Global Citizenship,” Global Asia 4(2): 98-101.


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