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Hyun-Kyung Lee

Associate Professor of Culture and Design Management

  • Ph.D. in Arts Administration, Florida State University

Email: hyunkyunglee@yonsei.ac.kr
Tel: 032-749-3003
Office: Veritas B #417


Ph.D. in Arts Administration, Florida State University
M.A. in Museum Studies, Syracuse University
B.F.A. in Visual Communication Design, Hong-Ik University

Courses and Current Research Areas


  • Creative Thinking and Visualization
  • Contemporary Topics in Cultural Industry
  • Leadership Seminars in Techno-Art Entrepreneurship
  • Design Thinking

Research Areas:

Convergence of science & art, curating design exhibition, design thinking, design museums

Selected Publications

1. Lee, H. K. (2019), Designing a Waterless Toilet Prototype for Reusable Energy Using a User-Centered Approach and Interviews. APPLIED SCIENCES, 9(5): 919. doi:10.3390/app9050919. SCI 

2. Lee, H. K. (2019), Maximizing the Five Senses with Art and Design: Sensorial-Experiential Exhibitions in Trend. ASIA LIFE SCIENCES, 18(3): 1157-1165. Scopus 

3. Lee, H. K. (2019), Creative Contributions from the Young Generation to Invigorating Traditional Street Markets from a Visual Design Perspective. The Asian International Journal of Life Sciences, 18(3): 1075-1084. Scopus 

4. Lee, H. K. & Bae, J. H. (2019), Communication-oriented Collaborative Methodology for Interdisciplinary Convergence Project. ASIA LIFE SCIENCES, 18(1): 419-427. Scopus 

5. Lee, H. K. & Bae, J. H. (2019), Feces and Urine Separable Toilet Design for Sustainable Energy Production System. The Asian International Journal of Life Sciences, 18(3): 1451-1458. Scopus 

6. Lee, H. K. & Bae, J. H. (2018), User Health Information Analysis with a Urine and Feces Separable Smart Toilet System. IEEE ACCESS, 6(1): 78751-78765. doi:10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2885234. SCI 

7. Lee, H. K. (2018), Prototyping and Case Study of Sustainable and Ergonomic Toilet Design. JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCES, 13(18): 7500-7506. Scopus 

8. Lee, H. K. (2018), Revitalizing Traditional Street Markets in Rural Korea: Design Thinking and Sense-Making Methodology. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ART & DESIGN EDUCATION, doi:10.1111/jade.12183. SSCI 

9. Lee, H. K. (2018), Education and Support for Non-Design Major Students Using the Sprint Method in Design Thinking Projects. ASIA LIFE SCIENCES, 15(4): 2511-2520. Scopus 

10. Lee, H. K. (2018), Nature Artists, Design Researchers and Scientists Collaborate on a Resource Scarcity Research Lab that Doubles as a Public Art Installation. JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCES, 13(1): 2254-2257. Scopus 

11. Lee, H. K. (2017), Design Museums Experiencing and Seeking Practicality with Aesthetic Value. INFORMATION-AN INTERNATIONAL INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL, 20(10B): 7565-7572. Scopus 

12. Lee, H. K. (2017), From Sketch to Screen, from Scratch to Competence. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ART & DESIGN EDUCATION, 36: 303-314. doi:10.1111/jade.12160. SSCI 

13. Lee, H. K. & Jun, S. J. (2017), Social Creativity and Design Thinking: Developing Foundation Courses in Undergraduate Transdisciplinary Design Education. INFORMATION-AN INTERNATIONAL INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL, 20(4B): 2647-2654. Scopus 

14. Lee, H. K. (2017), Recent Strategy & Characteristic of Worldwide Design Museums. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ART AND CULTURE TECHNOLOGY, 1(1): 15-20. 

15. Lee, H. K.*, Cho, K. H., Lee, C., Cho, J., Yi, H., Seo, Y., Cho, G., Kwon, Y. N., Lee, C., Paek, K. (2017), Science Walden: Exploring the Convergence of Environmental Technologies with Design and Art. SUSTAINABILITY, 9(35): 1-17. doi:10.3390/su9010035. SCI 

16. Lee, H. K. & Lee, W. H. (2016), The Usability Attributes and Evaluation Measurements of Mobile Media AR. COGENT ARTS & HUMANITIES, 3(1): 1-16. doi:10.1080/23311983.2016.1241171. Scopus 

17. Lee, H. K. & Jun, S. J. (2014), Dialogue and Carnival: Understanding Visitors' Engagement in Design Museums. DIGITAL CREATIVITY, 25(3): 247-254. doi.org/10.1080/14626268.2014.904369. AHCI 

18. Lee, H. K. (2012), Best Mentoring Practices of Design Education at the Design High School Level and Instructional Resources. JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND LEARNING, 1(1): 67-76. 

19. Lee, H. K. & Breitenberg, M. (2010), Education in the New Millennium: The Case for Design-Based Learning. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ART & DESIGN EDUCATION, 29(1): 54-60, 2010.02. doi.org/10.1111/j.1476-8070.2010.01631.x. SSCI 

20. Lee, H. K. (2009), Role of Museums in Managing Design Education: A Case Study. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EDUCATION THROUGH ART, 5(2&3): 257-264. Scopus



Design Museum, here. Ahn Graphics. (2016) ISBN: 978-89-70598-45-1 Awarded as ‘2016 National Excellent Book’.

Basic Design Textbook. co-authored. Ahn Graphics. (2015) ISBN: 978-89-70598-01-7

Futures. co-authored. Gwangju Design Center Foundation. (2017) ISBN: 979-11-86874-06-6

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Toilet: a toilet seat of inclined backward position & the ornamental design  (H.K. Lee and Jaewon Cho, etc): patent#, Europe DM/097 431; date of patent, Sep 15, 2017

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