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Eunju Ko
Chair of Culture and Design Management

  • Professor of Fashion Marketing, Yonsei University
  • Ph.D., Fashion Marketing, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University       
  • M.S., Fashion Marketing, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University       
  • B.S., Clothing & Textiles, Yonsei University       

Email: ejko@yonsei.ac.kr
Tel: 02-2123-3109


Ph.D., Fashion Marketing, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
M.S., Fashion Marketing, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
B.S., Clothing & Textiles, Yonsei University

Courses and Current Research Areas

- Brand Management of Culture and Fashion          
- Luxury Fashion Management         
- Fashion Marketing         
- Culture and Fashion Trends in Consumption 
- Art Management         
- Theory and Practice of Cultural Studies         
- Korean Culture and Aesthetics          
Research areas         
- Fashion and luxury management, Culture & Design marketing, New Media Marketing, Cross-Cultural Marketing Issues, Customer Equity, Sustainable Fashion Marketing" 

Selected Publications

  • Chae, H., & Ko, E.* (2016). Customer social participation in the social networking services and its impact upon the customer equity of global fashion brands. Journal of Business Research, 69(9), 3804-3812. (SSCI)

  • Whang, H., Yong, S., Zhang, T., & Ko, E*. (2016). Pop culture, destination images, and visit intentions: Theory and research on travel motivations of Chinese and Russian tourists. Journal of Business Research, 69(2), 631-642. (SSCI)

  • Whang, H., Ko, E.*, Zhang, T., & Mattila, P. (2015). Brand popularity as an advertising cue affecting pre-purchase attitude of a sustainable brand – in comparison of Korea, China, and Russia. International Journal of Advertising, 34(5), 789-811. (SSCI) 

  • Do, H., Ko, E.*, & Woodside, A. G. (2015). Tiger Woods, Nike, and I are (not) best friends: how brand's sports sponsorship in social-media impacts brand consumer's congruity and relationship quality. International Journal of Advertising, 34(4), 658-677. (SSCI)   

  • Lee, M., Ko. E.*, Lee, S., & Kim, K. (2015). Understanding Luxury Disposition. Psychology & Marketing, 32, 467-480. (SSCI) 

  • Choi, H., Ko, E.*, Kim, E. Y., & Mattila, P. (2015). The role of fashion brand authenticity in product management: A holistic marketing approach. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 32(2), 233-242. (SSCI)  

  • Lee, J., Ko, E.*, & , C. M. (2015). Social benefits of brand logos in presentation of self in cross and same gender influence contexts. Journal of Business Research, 68(6), 1341-1349. (SSCI)    

  • Lee, C. H., Ko, E.*, Tikkanen, H., Phan, M., Aiello, G., Donvito, R., & Raithel, S. (2014). Marketing mix and customer equity of SPA brands: Cross-cultural perspectives. Journal of Business Research, 67(10), 2155 -2163. (SSCI)  

  • Hwang, Y., Ko, E., & , C. M.* (2014). When higher prices increase sales: Howchronic andmanipulated desires for conspicuousness and rarity moderate price's impact on choice of luxury brands. Journal of Business Research, 67(9), 1912–1920. (SSCI)  

  • Choi, H.*, Ko, E., & Megehee, C. (2014). Fashion’s role in visualizing physical and psychological transformations in movies. Journal of Business Research, 67(1), 2911–2918. (SSCI)  

  • Ko, E., Hwang, Y.K., & Kim, E.Y.* (2013). Green Marketing functions in building corporate image in the retail setting. Journal of Business Research, 66(10), 1709-1715. (SSCI)

  •  Zhang, H., Ko, E.*, & Lee, E. (2013). Moderating Effects of Nationality and Product Category on the Relationship between Innovation and Customer Equity in Korea and China. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30(1), 110-122. (SSCI)  


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