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[UIC] Feb. 2024 UIC Graduation Commencement (Ceremony, Gown, Diploma, and Album) (2.20 UPDATED)
Jan 31, 2024  |  Read: 3,007

* Updated on Feb. 16: February 2024Graduates Survey link(see below) and QR code attached

* Updated on Feb. 20: Graduation Album distriution period changed: Feb. 22(Thu) - Feb 27(Tue)


[UIC] Feb. 2024 UIC Graduation Commencement (Ceremony, Gown, Diploma, and Album)

Congratulations on your graduation! Please come to celebrate your achievement of becoming a Yonsei alumni. The details for the commencement ceremony are as follows:


1. Graduation Ceremony (UIC)
   A. Date & Time: February 26(Mon), 4pm

   B. Venue: Daewoo Hall B130 (각당헌)

*Due to time constrains, representative students from each major and academic awardees will only be able to go up to the stage to receive their diploma, and other students can receive their diploma when they return their gown.

2. Graduation Gown and Cap Distribution& Return

   A. Dates: February 20(Tue), 21(Wed), 22(Thu), 23(Fri), 26(Mon). *Weekday only
   B. Time: 10:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM (6:00 PM on 26th)
   C. Venue: Room 203, Daewoo Hall Annex (
대우관별관), Sinchon Campus
   * Both the distribution & return will be on the above date, time and venue.
   D. [Important] Things to bring   
      1) Your Yonsei student ID card
           * If you don't have your plastic Yonsei ID card,
              - You may show your mobile ID card, OR
               - The certificate of (expected) graduation + an identification card with your photo (Driver License, ARC, etc)
      2) Library book return confirmation letter 
(if you have unreturned books to the library)  
      3) Participation in the February 2024Graduates Survey




           * We can check whether you participated in the survey with your student ID no.
           * If someone else is picking up for you, the person must show D. 1)~2) instead of you. 
Gown laundry/storage fee: Free for UIC students
     *Don’t have to pay through Yonse portal since UIC is paying for the graduates. Please visit the venue without receipt. 

   E. Graduation Gown and Cap Return
      1) You must return the graduation gown and the cap by February 26(Mon) at 6:00 p.m. Otherwise, issuance of your certificates will temporarily be suspended.
   F. Answers to the Graduation Gown FAQs
     1) Rental period: No restriction during February 20, 21, 22, 23, 26 (You can borrow  it on the first day of rental and return it on the last day)
      2) The graduation gown and cap can be borrowed and returned only once.
      3) It is not possible to borrow a graduation gown before or after the available dates above
      4) Non graduating students, cannot borrow a graduation gown until one’s graduation.     
      5) If you wish to send a representative to pick up your gown or diploma, you must send an email in advance with personal information of both you and your representative to uic_services@yonsei.ac.kr

3. Graduation Album Distribution
    A. Dates: February  22(Thu), 23(Fri), 26(Mon), 27(Tue) *Weekday only
    B. Time: 09:30AM ~ 4:30 PM
    C. Venue: 2nd floor of the Student Union Building(
학생회관 2),  Sinchon
    D. Things to bring: Your student ID card
          * If someone else is picking up for you, the person must show your student ID card.
          * If you didn't pay for the album fee but still want to purchase one, you may buy one as long as the album is in stock. For details, please contact the Student Welfare Student Support Team (02-2123-5121).  

4. Commencement Chapel(졸업예배 , not mendatory)

A. Date & Time: Sunday, February 25th, 3 pm 
B. Venue: Luce Chapel: 
Attire: Graduation Gown
*After the chapel, photo time with President Dong-Sup Yoon will be prepared.

5. Contacts

          * Graduation gown distribution/return: UIC Office (02-2123-3942)
          * Graduation album: Student Welfare Student Support Team (02-2123-5121)
          * Graduation/completion assessment: your 1st major division office
               - Underwood Division (CLC, ECON, IS, PSIR, LSBT): uic_ud@yonsei.ac.kr 02-2123-3925
               - HASS Division (AS, CDC, CTM, IID, JCL, QRM, STP, SDC): uic_hass@yonsei.ac.kr, 032-749-3761
               - ISE Division (NSE, EESE, BC): uic_ise@yonsei.ac.kr, 032-749-3801




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