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[For Students Admitted in 2019 and thereafter] Notice of Foreign Language Exemption Policy
May 20, 2020  |  Read: 6,412

Notice of Foreign Language Exemption Policy for

Students Admitted in 2019 and thereafter

- The purpose of the application form(attached) is to determine whether the student qualifies for exemption of Language Requirement. Test score considered for the exemption will not be counted for course credits.

- Students are not eligible for Language Requirement exemption with the test results of beginner level.

- A list of Language examinations for UIC Foreign Language course exemption is as follows:


Korean (non-Korean heritage students only)

Equivalent to Intermediate Korean 1: TOPIK level 3
Equivalent to Intermediate Korean 2: TOPIK level 4
Equivalent to Advanced Korean: TOPIK level 5


Equivalent to Intermediate Chinese: 新 HSK 4 級 Main test ---Level 4 with HSK Speaking test certificate (Intermediate Level)
Equivalent to Advanced Chinese 1: 新 HSK 5 Main test ---Level 5 (At least 180 or higher) with HSK Speaking test certificate
Equivalent to Advanced Chinese 2: 新 HSK 6  級 Main test ---Level 6 (At least 180 or higher) with HSK Speaking test certificate (Advanced Level)


Equivalent to Intermediate Japanese : JLPT Level 2 (N2)
Equivalent to Advanced Japanese: JLPT Level 1 (N1)


SD2 gut, sehr gut
ZD 3(befriedigend), 2(gut), 1(sehr gut)


Equivalent to Intermediate French: DELF B2
Equivalent to Advanced French: DALF C1, C2


Equivalent to Intermediate Spanish: DELE B1, B2
Equivalent to Advanced Spanish: DELE C1, C2


Equivalent to Intermediate Russian: TORFL 2
Equivalent to Advanced Russian: TORFL 3,4

  <Korean heritage students>

Among students with a foreign passport, students who meet any of the following criteria are considered "Korean heritage students":

1) At least one parent is a Korean citizen
2) At least three years of education were received in Korea
3) At least five years of the student's life after 6 years old were spent in Korea

These students can only satisfy their Foreign Language requirement with Chinese or Japanese. However, "Korean heritage" students who received their high school education abroad and do not know enough Korean to function in an academic or professional setting, and have already satisfied the Foreign Language requirement, are permitted to apply for the course "Advanced Korean Reading." A "Korean heritage" student is allowed to take the class only if approved by the course instructor after an interview on the first day of class to determine whether the course is suitable for them.

Any other UIC student with a non-Korean passport may enroll in any UIC Korean language course, including "Advanced Korean Reading."

 For students who wish to get language exemption, please fill out the attached Approval Form and submit it along with the official transcript to the UIC office(Veritas B 420 , Iternational Campus). The application will be considered for graduation only if submitted by 1 semester before your graduation.



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