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Guidance for Student ID Card Issuance for Fall 2021
Jun 24, 2021  |  Read: 627

Guidance for Student ID Card Issuance for Fall 2021

1. The student ID card is a multi-purpose identification card for Yonsei University students. It is issued in collaboration with Woori Bank. It gives you access to university facilities such as libraries, sports facilities, computer rooms, etc. It also allows you to show electronically your attendance for classes. It can be used as a check card to pay at stationery stores, bookstores, and restaurants after opening a bank account at a campus Woori bank. Discounted price may be available at some stores on and off the campus if you show the card when purchasing. It can be also utilized as prepaid public transportation card in Korea after the cash charge in the campus ATMs. Please be aware that you can not get a refund for the amount left charged to your electronic currency if your ID card is lost or stolen.


2. Eligibility: Newly enrolled Foreign/Overseas Korean students for 2021 Fall Semester who consent to a personal information collection, utilization, and processing entrustment to a trustee.


 3. Application Period






From Aug. 16 (Mon), 2021 at 10 am

Please refer to updated information at https://www.yonsei.ac.kr/en_sc/support/notice.jsp




4. How to find your student number
For Undergraduate students, please visit Yonsei Portal Service (YPS) Website starting from August 9 (Mon), 2021 at 10 am at https://portal.yonsei.ac.kr/main/indexe.jsp Click on Undergraduate Course Enrollment menu -> Type in examinee’s number and date of birth in YYMMDD order to search for the student ID No.
For Graduate students, please visit the concerned Graduate School website with the relevant admissions officer at your Graduate School or consult

5. How to Apply
Visit Yonsei Portal Service (https://portal.yonsei.ac.kr/main/indexe.jsp) → Log in with your student ID number and PW (initial PW : D.O.B. in YYMMDD order) → Academic Information System → Issue Student ID → Apply for an ID card → Agree with personal info. collection, utilization, and processing entrustment to a trustee → Check applicant’s information → 신청(Apply)
※ A photo file should be a JPG format with no more than 200KB.


6. ID Pick-Up Period and Location (TBA)
※ Please visit the Bank with your passport or alien registration card to receive the ID

7. Student ID Card with Check Card Function
If you want to use your Yonsei student ID card for cash deposit/withdrawal in ATMs, please take your alien registration card and a certificate of attendance to open a bank account to Woori bank on the campus. Please be advised that a certificate of attendance is available free of charge on the Online Transcripts & Certificates menu at Yonsei Portal Service or at the University Service Center with payment from March 1. Foreign registration card may take a maximum of one month to receive from Korea
Immigration Service. If you are under processing to issue an alien registration, you must wait for receiving the card.

8. Student ID Card Reissuance
Visit Yonsei Portal Service (https://portal.yonsei.ac.kr/main/indexe.jsp) -> Log in with your student ID number and PW -> Academic Information System -> Issue Student ID -> Press Lost/Damaged/Expired Card Mgmt. button -> Lost/Damaged/Expired Card -> Registration -> Register -> ID Card Mgmt. -> Apply for an ID card -> Follow the application steps as above. It takes usually one week to obtain the card at the campus bank without charge.
- How to Report a Lost/damaged ID Card : Register at Yonsei Portal Service to prevent the lost/damaged ID card from being used again. Call the Woori bank customer service center immediately at 1588-9955 to stop its use if it is connected with your Woori Bank Account.

9. Cancellation of Lost/Damaged/Expired ID Card Report
Yonsei Portal Service -> Log in -> Academic Information System -> Issue Student ID -> Present Condition and Cancellation of the Lost/Damaged/Expired Card -> Report Cancellation.

10. Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9 am ~ 5:20 pm

11. Inquiries

  • University Service Center on Student ID Card: +822-2123-3200 (from overseas), 2123-3200 (in Seoul)
  • Immigration Contact Center on Alien Registration Card: +82-1345 or +822-6908-1345 (from overseas), 1345 (in Seoul
  • Banking Service for international students at Woori Bank: +82-2-1599-2288 (from overseas), 02-1599-2288 (in Seoul)               
  • Student ID Distribution at Sinchon Campus: Woori Bank: +82-2-313-3198 Ext. 313 or 321 (from overseas), 02-313-3198 Ext. 313 or 321 (in Seoul)
  • Student ID Distribution at Songdo Campus: Woori Bank: +82-32-822-6321 (from overseas), 032-822-6321 (in Seoul)
  • Student ID Distribution at Wonju Campus: Woori Bank: +82-33-760-5159 (from overseas), 033-760-5159 (in Seoul)


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