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ASEAN-Korea Political-Security Forum
Jul 19, 2021  |  Read: 254

ASEAN-Korea Political-Security Forum

Asia Exchange Association is happy to announce the first sectoral forum of the 9th ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum. Since 2010, ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum have been held and it is the 10th event already:) We are recruiting the Secretariat to plan and operate this forum. ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum brings youths of South Korea and ASEAN Member States together, to participate in a model summit in the manner of the UN. This forum is a sectoral forum of 9th ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum(AKFF), and will be focusing only on political-security issues.


1. ASEAN-Korea Political-Security Forum

- Organizer: Asia Exchange Association

- Sponsor: ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund

- Date: November 9 to November 15, 2021 (6 nights 7 days)

*Secretariats must join from November 8, 2021

- Place: Busan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea

- Main Programs: Model Summit, Country/Committee Meeting, Special Lectures, Cultural Experience Programme etc.


2. Recruitment

Undergraduate and graduate students from ASEAN Member States and South Korea, residing in South Korea

Age range: 19~29 / Born in 1992 - 2002


The Secretariat consists of 14 members, 6 chair, 6 liaisons, and 2 media members. When you become a secretariat, you plan the activities of the forum and host it. Anyone who wants to host an event and interact with foreign friends is welcome!


3. Activity

Starting with the orientation on August 20, the Secretariat plans ASEAN-Korea Political-Security Forum that will be held in November through meetings on September. The Secretariat will start the event from November 8th, the day before the main event and rehearse the whole program. Then will host the program planned starting from November 9th.


4. Roles

The roles of the Secretariat are written below.

- Chair: Educate the Rules of Procedure, and process of the summit to the delegates, Lead the Country/Committee Meetings

- Liaison: Support and liaising between ASEAN/Korea Delegates and Secretariat, Supporting the programme operations

- Media: Management and operation of the official SNS channel of the event, In charge of photos, design work and video editing of the meetings of Secretariat and main event


Please refer to the website or/and the attached documents for more information.  

For further questions: email ext3@asiaea.or.kr / tel. 02-769-1140


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