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[RECRUITING] 2021-1 UIC Design Factory Korea TA ( Graduate Students Only)(Extended)
Feb 23, 2021  |  Read: 316

[RECRUITING] 2021-1 UIC Design Factory Korea TA (Graduate Students Only)

UIC Design Factory Korea is looking for responsible and enthusiastic TAs for Spring 2021.

  1. Recruiting Number: 2
  2. Qualifications:
    1. Full-time graduate students who spend most of time at Songdo Campus
    2. Graduate students who are familiar with design related software programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, SolidWorks, Rhinoceros and etc.)
    3. Graduate students who are familiar with prototyping equipment (Laser Cutter, 3D Printer, CNC, VR device, general tools and etc.)
    4. Graduate students who are familiar with social media (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube)
    5. Graduate students who are comfortable using web design tools preferred (CSS and JavaScript)
  3. Appointment Period: 2021-1 Semester (including Summer holiday)
    1. Average of 14 hours a week
  4. Location: Veritas Hall B Room 206, Wisdom Hall C Protoshop (진리관B, 지혜관C)
  5. Payment: It will be individually announced during the interview.
  6. How to Apply:

Please fill out the attached application form and submit via email: uicinv@yonsei.ac.kr by 13:00, Friday, 5 March 2021.

  1. For further enquiries, feel free to contact uicinv@yonsei.ac.kr or 032-749-3762


*There is a possibility of having a brief interview and successful candidates will be individually contacted via email.

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