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Changes with the YIC Dormitory Check-in Schedule
Aug 21, 2020  |  Read: 287

Changes with the YIC dormitory Check-in Schedule


Due to the sudden increase in COVID-19 cases, there has been a change with the YIC dormitory check-in schedule after the decision to switch to online classes until  the midterm exam of 2020-2 semester.

 1. Check-in schedule of YIC dormitory will be withheld until the midterm exam of 2020-2 semester.

   ※ Existing application details for 2020-2 semester will be maintained, and only check-in schedule will be withheld. 

2. Changes with the Schedule Information

   A. Class plans after the midterm exam will be announced on 2020/10/12(Mon), taking into account of the COVID-19 situation.

   B. Depending on the decision regarding the pro-exam class plan, information related to YIC Dormitory check-in (COVID-19 examination, Check-in schedule, Dormitory fee amount and payment schedule, and other additional application) will be announced after 2020/10/12(Mon).

   C. If classes are conducted face-to-face after the midterm exam, the dormitory check-in will proceed while maintaining the existing application and room assignment for 2020-2 semester.


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