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[Recruiting] Full/Part-time TA for MSR Center
Aug 20, 2021  |  Read: 286

We’re now recruiting full/part-time TA for 2021-2 MSR Centers.


In UIC MSR Center, we provide support to students at all levels and in all forms and modes in order for them to build and develop important math and science skills, and better navigate their academic life at UIC.

•Qualification: Sophomore/Junior/Senior of UIC

•Application Period: Aug 2nd (Mon) ~ Aug 25th (Wed)

•Expected Task:  (full-time TA) Tutoring & MSR center administrative work, Website maintenance

•                                     (part-time TA) Tutoring mathematics / science / programming for UIC Freshmen

•Office Hours:      (full-time TA) 14 hours per week

•                                     (part-time TA) 2~6 hours per week (May vary from person to person)

•Working Period: Fall 2021 (Starting from Aug 30th)

•Wage: (full-time TA) 1,800,000won              

•                (part-time TA) 10,000 won per hour


We’re looking for your application!

Please fill out the application form and submit to uic_ise@yonsei.ac.kr by Wednesday, Aug 25th.

* The application form must be saved as "[MSR TA_full/part time] your name_student ID number"

*Please write down the position you are applying for. ( full -time or part-time)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact.

This can be an opportunity not only to recap the things you’ve learned, but also to interact with freshmen providing the tutoring.


* Detailed working schedule will be decided after recruiting, considering the individual schedule of all TAs.

* For office hours, full-time TA should keep office hours at Veritas B#322.

* Due to the current situation of COVID-19, we may proceed online tutoring for some period. (via ZOOM, Google Classroom…etc.)


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