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[RECRUITING] Computational Neuroscience Research Support Program (Professor Sehun Chun)
Aug 27, 2021  |  Read: 289
[RECRUITING] Computational Neuroscience Research Support Program (Professor Sehun Chun)
We are pleased to launch a research support program in the subject of computational neuroscience. If you work on your senior thesis through the ISE Senior Thesis course or the UIC Senior Thesis or Junior Independent Study, we provide financial support (around 300k won per month), or possibly physical workspaces and computers.

For each course, you will be supported up to six months, including an extra two months beyond the semester. You can apply for this program up to two courses, totalling up to one year. For your academic record, this activity will be coined as an ‘Undergraduate Research Assistantship’ that will be used for your lab experience.

Students will work on the research program he/she chooses. I mostly provide supervision and comments on this research activity. I may suggest additional tasks, but it is only when the original plan does not work out. The topic should be related to Computational Neuroscience, Neural Networks, Data Science, or any computational topics in broad sense.

During this program, you are supposed to meet me regularly once in two weeks to report your research activities. The preferable number of the student supports per semester is two, maximum three.

If you are interested, please send an email to Prof. Sehun Chun (sehun.chun@yonsei.ac.kr) describing your background, research topics, motivations, etc. Any UIC student can apply, but preferably students with computer programming experience.

It’s a rolling basis, thus applications are accepted throughout the entire year!

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