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Recruiting: K-MOOC Subtitle Translation TA
Mar 31, 2016  |  Read: 2,217




Recruiting: K-MOOC Subtitle Translation TA


Open Smart Education Center is looking for students who will fulfill TA duties for K-MOOC subtitle translation.


- Subtitle Translation TA

* Qualification: perfect bilingual in Korean and English. Major in Economics.

* Working place & hours: Work at home, Deadline compliance is required.

* Payment: 100,000won per module(One module contains 20-minute-lecture. the number of modules will be negotiated)


- How to apply: Fill in the TA information and translate TA test text in English and submit the attached file to heliekim@yonsei.ac.kr

- Please indicate which position you are applying for.

- If you have any question, please send an email to heliekim@yonsei.ac.kr


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