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2018-1st Semester Instruction of Tuition Installment Plan(TIP) for Undergraduate and General graduate school
Dec 5, 2017  |  Read: 1,987

 [Application period]

2017. 12. 22(Fri) ~ 2018. 2. 14(Wed)


[Students NOT qualified for TIP]

Freshmen, Re-admitted students, Transfer students for 2018 spring (only the first semester)

Students who have applied for a government guaranteed students loan

Students who have applied for research guidance without registered credit (12/100 payment)

Students who fail to make one of payments during 2017-2 tuition installment plan

For 4 installment, scholarship or extra semester reducement of an amount greater than 3/4 of tuition.

For 2 installment, scholarship or extra semester reducement of an amount greater than 1/2 of tuition.


[Application and change procedures]

Visit Yonsei portal system (http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr/main/indexe.jsp) Tuition and payment Registration Installment Payment


[Periods and methods of TIP]

- Select 2 installments or 4 installments 

Number of


Registration Period







2018. 2. 21. ~ 2. 27. 17:00

50% of tuition +

Miscellaneous fees

Deposit in Woori Bank virtual account

(Credit card not available)


2018. 4. 13. ~ 4. 16. 17:00

50% of tuition




2018. 2. 21. ~ 2. 27. 17:00

25% of tuition +

Miscellaneous fees


2018. 3. 23. ~ 3. 26. 17:00

25% of tuition


2018. 4. 13. ~ 4. 16. 17:00


2018. 5. 09. ~ 5. 11. 17:00

* Please keep in mind that deadline for each payment is 17:00 on last day of each period



Credit card payments are not available for TIP applicants

Overseas remittance must be registered within scheduled payment period. (remittance has to be received by Korean bank within each payment period)

Due to bank charges and exchange rates, students are strongly advised to remit 5~10% more to prevent any disadvantages for oversea remittance. Remaining balance will be returned

Students returning to school can apply for the installment payment plan before applying to return

If students fail to make the first payment, TIP will be canceled automatically and the full balance must be paid within the additional application period (2018. 3. 12. ~ 3. 14.)

If students fail to make a payment during each scheduled period, application for the TIP will be cancelled automatically and the full remaining balance must be paid immediately(next business day). If not, students will be prohibited from completing the relevant semester according to school regulations (NOT CARRIED OVER TO NEXT PAYMENT)

TIP for 2018-2nd will be prohibited for students who have not make their scheduled payment

If the application is complete, the date and time of application will be displayed at the top of screen.

Applying for TIP is only available during designated period. If an application is not qualified, TIP will automatically cancelled without notice. Therefore, please check out the terms and conditions

In case of students taking extra semester and beneficiaries of scholarships

- Amount of TIP should be calculated on the basis of full tuition (not one’s tuition)

- If students receive reduction, the amount of reduction will be deducted from the final payment


Vice President for General Affairs,

Yonsei University 

Address and Copyright

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