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2018-1 Sinchon Campus Dormitory Application Guide
Dec 29, 2017  |  Read: 2,587



2018 1st Semester Sinchon campus dorm

Application Guide




1. Eligibility and How to select

A. Eligibility (Must meet all the requirements)

 1) 2018-1st Semester enrolled student of under graduate students, General and special graduate students

or 2018-1st Semester Returning student

Last semester's GPA(Freshman is no GPA limit. Only enrolled student)

Under graduate student : 1.7/4.3 above / Graduate student : 2.0/4.3 above

2) 2018-1st Semester Freshmen of General and special graduate students of Sinchon Campus

3) Local(outside of Seoul), Overseas Korean : based on the parents’ residence

and International students

B. How to select : Computerized random selection

C. Remarks

1) Law school students and Department of Law students can apply only Beophyeon House

2) Students of Yonsei University Health System (Medicine, Medical Science, Public Health,

Dentistry, Applied Life Science, or Nursing) must contact the office of their college.

3) Wonju campus‘s students have to apply for dormitory on their campus.

4) The student that receive 16 penalty points in Songdo dormitory can’t apply.

The student that is forced check-out in Sinchon dormitory can’t apply.

2. Dormitory fee and Guide for facility



Number of Students Per Room



Room dimensions



Rest room

Community Facilities

Muak #1


Male undergraduate

(496 People)



per floor/ with shared

Lounge, Gym, Study room, Coin Laundry, Computer room, Seminar room.

Muak #2


Female undergraduate,

& Female graduate

(500 People)



per floor/ with shared

Lounge, Food court(Muak #2), Store(Muak #2), Gym, Study room, Laundry, Coin laundry, Computer room, Prayer room.



Male undergraduate

(106 People)

Female undergraduate

(172 People)



Per room

Community lounge, Gym, Study room, Coin laundry, Prayer room, Seminar room, Self kitchen


Male undergraduate

(51 People)

Female undergraduate

(48 People)



Per room

Beophyeon House


Law school,

Male & Female graduate

(374 People)



Per room

Convenience store, bakery, Gym, Study room, Coin laundry, Seminar room, Lounge

Muak #4A,

#4B 1F


#4A - Male & Female Examinee

(224 People),

Male graduate(52 People)

#4B 1F- Female graduate(18 People)



per floor/ with shared

Lounge, Gym, Yoga room, Study room, Coin Laundry, Computer room, Self kitchen.

Muak #4B International Annex


Foreigner, Overseas Korean - undergraduate

& graduate

Male(7 People)



Per room

Female(28 People)


Male(10 People)



Per room

Female(20 People)

The length of a Woojungwon triple room’s bed is about 10cm shorter than the length of a single bed.

Muak #3 is scheduled to be remodeled in winter vacation. Be noticed when you apply.

Beophyeon House : New Building, Near the east gate.


3. How to Apply

A. On-line Application Period : 2(Thu) Jan 2018 10:00 ~ 3(Wed) Jan 2018 23:00

B. How to apply : Complete online application form via the pop-up page of Housing


C. Late Application(Waiting list) : The notice will be posted at early in the Feb 2018.

If you are not selected, you can put your name on the waiting list. You will be notified individually

if any vacancy occurs.

4. Required Documents

A. How to submit : Visit the Housing office during office hour or send by registered mail.

Address : Housing Office, Muak #1, Yonsei University, 50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

(zip code 03722)

B. Submission period : 26(Tue) Dec 2017 ~ 3(Wed) Jan 2018

The documents arrived by the deadline only can be effective.

C. Residence related documents


1) When submitting, please write down the student’s name & student’s ID number

in the upper-left corner of each document

2) The documents should be submitted as the originals

3) Hide the personal information of the family members such as ID card number.

4) All documents submitted must have been published with a month to be valid.(issued after 26 Nov 2017)

5) Missing documents or false information will result in failure to register.

6) The returning student have to fill in returning student pledge and submit it with the below documents.

a) As domestic residents, in case of that parents and students are in the same place

: A certificate of resident registration

b) In case of that father and mother’s address is differ

: A certificate of resident registration of father, a certificate of resident registration of mother, a certificate of resident registration of student and a certificate of family relations

c) In case of that the student is eligible for a single parent

: A certificate of resident registration of shared housing parent and a certificate of resident registration of student and a certificate of family relations

d) In case of a foreign resident, submit a copy of Proof of foreign residence of

student and the parents

- For ‘Proof of foreign residence’ issuance, please contact Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Consular Service Division. ( Contact : 02-2100-2114 )

 e) In case parents live abroad and student in Korea, submit a copy of proof of

foreign residence for parents and a copy of proof of residence for student.

f) In case of foreigners, submit a copy of Certificate for Foreigner Registration

(Copy both sides on the same page) or a copy of Proof of Foreigner Registration

(Issued by a ward office) or a copy of your passport.

Only a copy of Certificate for Foreigner Registration card and a copy of passport

can be sent via e-mail. E-mail : muakdorm@yonsei.ac.kr

g) In case of a handicapped student, submit a copy of Proof of disabled certificate of

student / Priority selection when meeting eligibility


5. Result Update : 10(Wed) January 2018 17:00 / Housing office homepage(http://web.yonsei.ac.kr/housing)


6. Health Inspection

A. The students selected as the residents must have health inspection (pectoral X gland)

and then submit the health diagnosis form on the day of their check-in.

B. If you avoid the health inspection or are found to be ineligible for community life,

we will cancel your housing admission.

C. The available period of health certificate : within 2 month from a date of issue.

D. Please note that you can not submit a foreign certificate, so you can use the Korean medical institution.

7. Payment period : 11(Thu) January 2018 ~ 12(Fri) January 2018

8. Check-in date : 28(Wed) February 2018 10:00 ~ 18:00

9. 2018 1st semester residence period : 28(Wed) February 2018 10:00 ~ 22(Fri) June 2018 12:00

10. Inquirers : 02)2123-8419, 3602, 3622

The schedule may change depending on the school situation.


Housing Office


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