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Student ID Issuance for 2018-1 Freshmen
Feb 1, 2018  |  Read: 2,411

Student ID Issuance for 2018-1 Freshmen

1. ID(Student Card)

The Yonsei Student Card provides convenience to its students with features not limited to identification but also includes transportation, check card, library and dormitory access, electronic attendance/absence and course applications.


2. Eligibility

2018-1 Undergraduate/Graduate School Freshmen (Including Professional Graduate Schools) – refer to number 4,5

2018-1 Undergraduate Freshmen (Korean residents abroad and international students)- refer to number 6


3. Student ID Number Search

A. Undergraduate Student ID Search: February 20th, 10:00~

Yonsei Portal Service -> Undergraduate Course Registration -> 2018-1 Freshmen/Transfer Students Student ID Search

B. Graduate School Student ID Search: Yonsei Portal Service -> Log in Menu -> Search ID


4. Application Period for Freshmen


Application   Period


Undergraduate/Graduate School Freshmen

Feb. 21st (Wed) 10:00~

Feb. 23rd (Fri) 22:00

Not allowed to apply before the designated period

*For those who have missed the deadline listed above, you may only be able to apply for reissuance only after you have agreed to provide personal information to the 3rd party (Yonsei Portal Service -> Academic Information System -> Issue Student ID -> Student ID/Identification Card Management -> Issue Card -> Agreement to Provide Personal Information to the 3rd Party). Please refer to number 6 for more information. 


5. Application Process

A. Step 1: Yonsei Portal Service (portal.yonsei.ac.kr) -> Log in (ID: Student ID no. / password: Date of Birth [yymmdd]) -> Academic Information System -> Issue Student ID -> Student ID/Identification Card Management -> Issue Card -> Agreement to Provide Personal Information to the 3rd Party

B. Step 2: Download Woori Bank WiBee Bank App -> Via student ID card issuance menu, apply for student ID card and etc.


* Note:

1) Please proceed to “Step 2” after completing “Step 1.”

2) Applying for Student ID card is only available using mobile phone and no documents are needed to be submitted.

3) Please prepare a default photo of the Student ID card in advance on your phone (File: JPG, Size, Under 200KB). – You can reduce the size of your image file to under 200KB by sending the image file via a messenger application to yourself and downloading it.

4) Only your Korean identification card or driver’s license may be used to prove your identity.

5) Only you yourself can apply since there exists a facial authentication process.

6) You may use another person’s phone to apply for a student ID card.

7) You must complete the application within 10 minutes after consenting with different agreements within the app.

8) “Step 2” is unavailable overseas so from February 24th, please apply using the reissuance method (refer to number 6). 

※ Korean residents abroad and internationals students can refer to number 6 below (No need to visit the bank and submit documents).


6. Korean residents abroad and international students (All new students can apply)


Application   Period



(Only online   application)

2. 24(Sat) 10:00~

No deadline

Yonsei Portal   Service ->

Log In   (ID: Student ID no./Initial Password: DOB [yymmdd])

->    Academic   Information System ->  Student ID   Issuance ->Student ID   Re-issuance


7. Student ID Card Creation Time

A. Issuance of student ID card takes place starting from a week after the completion of the application.

B. You may receive your ID card on the first day of school every semester. (However, for the academic year 2018-1, issuance of ID card begins on March 7th because of the delay in the admission process.)

※ Without the student ID card, inconvenience could be incurred in accessing the dormitory, library and checking attendance for large classes.

8. Student ID Issuance Period

A. Shinchon Campus: 3. 7(Wed), 8(Thurs), 9(Fri) Woori Bank Yonsei Finance Center (09:00~20:00)

B. International Campus: 3. 7(Wed), 8(Thurs), 9(Fri) Woori Bank International Campus Branch (09:00~20:00)

※ Prepare your personal identification (Korean ID Card, Driver’s License, and etc.) and pick up your ID card at the ID counter

※ After the date, the card will only be available at Woori Bank Issuance Branch during operating hours (09:00~16:00)


9. Contact

•Yonsei Service Center: 02-2123-3205 (Website and technical: 02-2123-7468)

• Woori Bank (Question regarding Wibee Bank app): 1588-5000-0-2-2 OR 1599-5000-0-2-2

• Woori Bank Yonsei Finance Center: 02-313-3198 (Internal 321)

• Woori Bank International Campus Branch: 032-822-6321


Yonsei Service Center

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