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UIC Junior, You Jin Lee Wins United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)'s 50th Anniversary Time Capsule Competition and 2016 Talent Award of Korea
Jan 23, 2017  |  Read: 1,383

Underwood International College (UIC) is pleased to announce that our current junior, You Jin Lee, majoring in Science, Technology and Policy is the recipient of two most globally and domestically prestigious awards as a young leader who contributes to make a difference to the world.

Lee was nominated as the Asian representative prize winner to receive the certificate of the Time Capsule Competition. The Time Capsule Competition is an event held by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the UN specialized agency that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability under a slogan of ‘Envisaging Our Sustainable Future.’ The competition collected 60-second video messages from the youths around the world (target group who were born between 1991 and 1998). The topic of video message outlined the current and future global challenges that the world face today in the context of Sustainable Development Goal 9 (SDG9). All five selected videos will be stored in a time capsule, which will be kept at the UN Headquarters and be re-opened in 2030. As of one of the five awardees, Lee was invited to participate in the 50th-anniversary ceremony in Vienna, Australia for a week from November 20, 2016. The ceremony was held in the Vienna City Hall and attended by Li Yong, Director General of UNIDO, Michael Haupl, Mayor of Vienna, as well as numerous diplomats from around the world.

Notably Lee also won the ‘2016 Talent Award of Korea’ and received three million won prize along with the commendation from the Deputy Prime Minister who also serves as the Minister of Education. The Talent Award of Korea, which has met its 16th year, is an award hosted by the Ministry of Education and organized by the Korea Foundation for the Advancement Science and Creativity. It recognizes the talented individuals who have made an outstanding progress in creating values with inspiration and passion that ultimately contributed to the community development. Lee was acknowledged for her exceptional effort in bringing changes and taking the lead in creating new values across disciplines and certainly this is an honorable recognition for the first time at Underwood International College.

Lee said in an interview that the interdisciplinary nature of her major courses, convergence of liberal arts and natural science topics in the science, technology, and policy sparked her interest to explore and develop her global leadership potential and diverse perspective. She continuously progressed towards reaching her goals through active participations in the Youth Committee Leader of the UN DPI NGO Conference, Winner of the 50th Be Somebody Competition of Education First, internship at the PPAF UN agency, editor-in-chief of SERI-EU Yonsei European Studies, and member of the outstanding startup club of the SK Capstone Program. “My dream is to bring together values and interests across fields to create a new collective value that converges diverse disciplines” said, Lee. “In the end, my ultimate goal is to become a policymaker in the field of science and technology,” she noted with enthusiasm.

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