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IDFW (International Design Factory Week) 2016: Design Factory Korea Opens up a New Opportunity for Collaboration in Geneva
Jan 23, 2017  |  Read: 1,332

From December 12nd to December 16th of 2016, four representatives from Design Factory Korea: Professor YongSoo Cho (Director of DFK), Professor SangWon Lee, Professor YounAh Kang, and DFK Coach, Sooa Hwang participated in the IDFW 2016 held in Geneva, Switzerland. IDFW is an annual workshop that is organized and participated by Design Factory Global Network (DFGN)*. Every year the event is hosted by one of the Design Factories which aims to provide an opportunity to discuss each factory’s creative project ideas and project collaboration efforts.

 This year’s IDFW was hosted by CERN Ideasquare (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and total of 43 participants from 14 Design Factories from all over the world gathered to discuss their latest project developments in experimental education, passion-based learning, co-creation and so forth. The IDFW 2016 was designed with various dynamic activities including Design Factory project workshop, problem solving workshop with NGOs in Geneva, CMS visit, and cultural bonding activities.

 All participants and industrial visitors were fully motivated to share their ideas to come up with the best project collaboration efforts. An example of new collaboration outcome from various project proposals for the year 2017 was the Challenge Based Innovation (CBI) – a global multidisciplinary team project supported by CERN. Design Factory Korea (DFK) will jointly participate in this upcoming project and taking part in the CBI project will bring a new opportunity for global collaboration and broaden the horizon of innovative thinking process in the DFK.

 The highlight of the event was the problem solving workshop with NGOs where all participants from DFGN jointly search for resolutions to existing social issues that NGOs in Geneva are facing today. Professionals from each Design Factory brought up ideas to the table and built strategic solutions all together with managers from NGOs. As an important note from IDFW 2016, many Design Factories considered social innovation as a keyword for the upcoming agenda. Consequently, it was highly recommended by DFGN to continue a workshop with the theme of social innovation for the IDFW 2017.

On the last day of the week, Professor YongSoo Cho publicly announced the date of IDFW 2017. Next year, IDFW 2017 will take place on the week from October 30th to November 3rd and will be hosted by Design Factory Korea at Yonsei International Campus in Songdo, Incheon. Professionals from 18 institutions along with newly joining members next year are expected to visit DFK coming fall. In IDFW 2017, DFK will organize workshops with corporations across the industries to share information and explore social innovation issues.    

 * Design Factory Global Network is a network of innovation platform that is operated by universities and research organizations from five different continents. Currently there are 14 Design Factories around the world that share a mission to create innovative learning culture.


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