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[ISE] Guidelines for Research Scholarship Application supported by the University Innovation Support Project
Mar 7, 2024  |  Read: 420

UIC offers the THESIS course for students to improve their academic research and writing skills through the process of exploring and selecting research topics and conducting research on their own.

To support students in their research, we will select students who faithfully complete and submit the application (research plan) for the THESIS course scheduled to open in the 2024-1 semester and provide research scholarships. Also, outstanding researchers among the research results submitted at the end of the semester will be selected and awarded. This program will be implemented only for the 2024 academic year.

Students who wish to take the THESIS course in the 2024-1 semester, please submit the attached application form within the deadline.

1. Applicants: Students enrolled in the 2024-1 semester, who have enrolled in one of the following courses offered by UIC ISED, who faithfully filled out the application including the research plan and submitted it within the deadline. (Note: If you plan to take other senior thesis courses simultaneously, you can only receive a research scholarship for one course.) After completing the online course registration, you must submit the application within the deadline to apply for the scholarship.

2. Courses:

1)      NSE4001 NSE Senior Thesis (for ISED-NSE students)

2)      ESE4001 EESE Senior Thesis (for ISED-EESE students)

3)      UBC4001 BC Senior Thesis (for ISED-BC students)

 3. Research Scholarship amount: 300,000 won per person

-   Research Scholarship will be given to students after screening.

-   If you withdraw from the course, you cannot receive the research scholarship, and if the scholarship has already been given, the scholarship must be returned in the full amount.

4. Procedure: Course registration – Submission of research application –Review of Application for each subject – Provide research scholarship – Initiate research – Submission of THESIS (Research Results) – Outstanding research will be selected and awarded after the end of the semester

1) Course registration: 2024.02.14 (Wed) ~ 2024.03.08 (Fri), Yonsei Portal

2) Application submission deadline: 2024.03.22 (Fri),

   -  Submit as an assignment on LearnUS classroom of the corresponding course

3) Research results submission deadline: 2024.06.07 (Fri) / Advising Professor  

   - The final results submission dates are subject to change

4) Research Thesis Presentation: TBD

All applicants must submit their research results to the Advising Professor by the due date set by the department. Outstanding research among the submitted results will be awarded separately.

For further questions, please contact the department office in charge.

(ISE: uic_ise@yonsei.ac.kr)

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