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[2019 Spring] Course Enrollment Guidelines - Couse List Updated
Jan 29, 2019  |  Read: 4,436


According to Anti-graft law implemented in September 2016, any personal requests for additional course enrollment are considered illegal. Therefore, course enrollment via personal approval from professors is not allowed from 2017-1st semester. Please register your courses with prudence using mileage-betting system.


1. Enrollment for UIC-first courses : 10:00 ~ 17:00, February 7th~8th

 - How to Enroll:

Step 1. Students must both submit the application form via email (uic_ud@yonsei.ac.kr  for ECON, PSIR Majors/ uic_hass@yonsei.ac.kr  for IID, QRM Majors/ uic_ise@yonsei.ac.kr for EESE, NSE, BC Majors ) under subject 'Application for UIC First Course' by  6th February.

Step 2. Visit UIC UD Office(DWHA315) at Shinchon or visit HASS office(IVHB437) and ISE office(IVHB438) at Songdo on February 7th~8th.

※ Students who do not make a visit and do not send the email will NOT be able to enroll for UIC-first courses (no exceptions)

※After enrollment of UIC First courses, four (4) times the credits of the first enrolled courses will be deducted from the total mileages.

 [FAQ] In case you cannot make a visit to UIC Office during the period, please have your family member or friend come to UIC Office with a copy of your student ID card and application form. The family member or friend must be able to contact you at UIC Office or be fully aware whether you wish to use the course repeat opportunity, etc.

- Only those who declared their major or double major as ECON, PSIR, IID, QRM, EESE, NSE, BC are allowed to apply for enrollment of UIC-first courses during the period.

- Students are NOT allowed to apply for non-UIC first courses during UIC-first courses enrollment period, February 7th~8th.


2. Important Dates


Dates (yyyy/mm/dd time)



UIC First Course Enrollment

2019.2.7~8. 10:00 ~ 17:00

Visit UIC Office

Must apply by email before visiting

Course Enrollment for Sophomore and above

2019.2.11 09:00 ~ 2.12 17:00

Mileage System

Time of enrollment not important (24 hours during the period)

View Results for Course Enrollment

2019.2.13 16:00 ~ 2.14 08:59


Wish List available

Additional Course Enrollment

2019.2.14 09:00 ~ 2.15 17:00

Wait List System

Setting the waiting list by priority according to the result of enrollment period

2nd returning students

2019.2.21. 09:00 ~ 17:00

Students applied for return during 2.12 ~ 20

Course Enrollment for

Freshmen(1st Year)

2019.2.26. 09:00 ~ 17:00

3rd returning students

2019.2.28. 09:00 ~ 17:00

Students applied for return during 2.21 ~ 25

Course Add & Drop

2019.3.7. 08:00 ~ 3.11. 17:00 (Log-in from 07:00)

The existing waiting number will be initialized.

Waiting numbers are given on the first-come first-serve basis.

3. Major declaration results will be updated on the Yonsei Portal as of March 4, 2019.

Students will be accepted to the majors for which they applied during the major application according to their admissions tracks. Therefore, students may enroll for major courses based on their major declaration.

4. UIC Seminar courses have course codes that start with UIC35(XX) and UIC36(XX).

5. Course information is subject to change. Please check Yonsei Portal for the most up-to-date information.

6. (International Students Only) Government Health Insurance Policy for International Students: The Korean Ministry of Education mandates all international students to either submit a proof of insurance or purchase insurance in Korea. International students must submit a proof of health insurance by January 31, 2019. Otherwise, access to the Yonsei Portal and course enrollment will be restricted.

University-approved insurance providers are as follows:

- National Health Insurance: for international students residing in Korea for a long time and want to receive the same benefits as Koreans (http://nhic.or.kr)

- School Group Insurance: students are offered a discounted rate when buying insurance from a company contracted by the university (http://www.foreignerdb.com/yonsei)

- Private Insurance: insurance purchased from home country and is applicable in Korea. Insurance period and insurance holder must be verifiable.

How to submit:

- Upload the insurance document at Yonsei Portal (http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr > Student Record > Modification > Insurance > Upload > Approval) or submit by e-mail (insurance@yonsei.ac.kr).

7.  Students taking UIC4801 Senior Thesis must enroll for the course through the Yonsei Portal system during the course registration period AND submit the attached form to CC Chair Professor by Wednesday, March 6, 2019.


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