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Notices for August 2019 Graduation Application
Feb 7, 2019  |  Read: 438


Notices for August 2019 Graduation Application


1.    Application Period: February 11(Mon) ~ 28(Thur), 2019

2. Application Change Period
    a.  First period: April 29(Mon) ~ May 3(Fri), 2019
    b.  Final period: July 1(Mon) ~ July 3(Wed), 2019

※    No changes can be made under any circumstances after final period.

3. Application Criteria

   a.   Application for ‘Graduation’: Select “I will graduate in August 2019”
  b.   Application for ‘Completion of Course’: Select “I will be in the state of Completion of Course after Commencement Day in August 2019”

        1)  After Commencement Day in August 2019, your status will be changed to 'Completion of Course'.
        2)  Course enrollment and leave of absence will not be available from 2nd semester, 2019.
        3)   When you apply for graduation in the state of 'Completion of Course'(~end of January/~end of July),  you will graduate on the following February/August
       4)   You can remain in the state of 'Completion of Course' only within the maximum period of enrollment (you will be graduated automatically in the last semester).

 c.   Application for ‘Pending Graduation’: Select “I will not graduate and continue to study”


4. Early graduation Application

    a.   Submission: The application should fill out the application form for the early graduation and submit it to the Academic   Support Division
   b.  Application period: March 25(Mon) ~ March 29(Fri)

    c.  Qualification

         (1)  The class of 95 (or before 95) with a grade point average of 3.50 /4.00(4.30) or above
        (2)  From the class of 99 with a grade point average of 3.75/4.30 or above
                * Grade should cover the whole school year including summer course.
                * Transfer students and Academic warning recipients cannot apply.

5.  Notices

    a.  Students who wish to declare a minor or 3rd major should choose the major they want and save it when applying for graduation or completion.
    b.    Certificate of expected graduation is only issued to graduation applicants after the semester begins (You must pay tuition and be able to complete all the required graduation credits including the currently attending semester(summer/winter sessions)).

6. Contact Us for More Information

- College of Liberal Arts / College of Commerce & Economics / Collegs of Business / College of Theology / College of Music / College of Sciences in Education / College of Human Ecology / College of Pharmacy : TEL 2123-2091
- College of Science / College of Technology / College of Life Science and Biotechnology / College of Social Science: TEL 2123-2095
- UIC / Global Leadership College : TEL 2123-2087

<Attachments: 1. Notices for Graduation Application  2. Graduation Application Manual for Student>

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