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UBC2004 Ecology Syllabus
Feb 8, 2019  |  Read: 385

Please find the attachment for the syllabus

Instructor: Dr. Janie Sue Brooks, Associate Professor Contact Information: Office: Veritas C #409 Email: janie.brooks@yonsei.ac.kr Time: Tuesday 12:00 – 12:50, Friday 11:00 – 12:50 Target Students: UIC ISED

Course Description and Goals: This course targets students who are interested in ecology and environmental science. Objectives: (1) to study the relationships among organisms and between organisms and their environment, (2) to introduce students to various experimental approaches in ecology and environmental science, (3) to expand student understanding of natural systems, and (4) to explore human impacts on those natural systems.

Prerequisite: None Course Requirements: All course instruction, class activities, coursework, assignments, and projects will be completed in English. Details on class policies and expectations will be provided on the first day of class. Grading Policy: Preliminary Exams 50%, Final Exam 25%, Activities/Laboratory 20%, Attendance 5%. Required Textbook: Ecology: Concepts and Applications 8th Edition. 2019. Manuel Molles and Anna Sher. McGraw?Hill Education. Instructor’s Profile: Ph. D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University B. S. Biology, University of the Cumberlands B. S. Chemistry, University of the Cumberlands

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