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Fall 2019 Graduation Album Additional Photoshoot
Aug 29, 2019  |  Read: 1,148

1. For undergraduate students expected to graduate in February or August 2020


2. 2019 Graduation Album Photoshoot Schedule

A. Date: September 17th (Tue)

B. Time

1) Indoor 13:00 + Outdoor 14:00

2) Indoor 14:00 + Outdoor 15:00

3) Indoor 15:00 + Outdoor 16:00

C. Location & Time

- Indoor: 4th Floor, Student Union Building (학생회관), Sinchon

- Outdoor: Underwood Hall (본관), Sinchon


3. Number of Photos: 2x Indoors (1x Graduation Cap Photo, 1x ID Photo)

1x Outdoors (1x Personal Profile Picture) ※No group photo this time


4. Please make sure to check the schedule on http://www.yonsei.ac.kr/sc/support/notice.jsp at

5pm on the day before the photoshoot.


5. Inquiry: Student Support Team (2F), Student Union Building [Tel: 02-2123-5121]

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