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[ISED ONLY] Important notice for all ISE majors
Feb 3, 2020  |  Read: 491


Important notice for all ISE majors


UIC has made several updates on graduation requirements to ensure accurate graduation assessment that complies with recent guidelines given by the Ministry of Education.

1. The degree graduation requirement tables of all 3 ISE majors have been updated.

Please visit the UIC website to check the updated table for your major: https://uic.yonsei.ac.kr/main/academic.asp?mid=m03_02_01

2. From 2020 spring semester, no courses can be recognized as Major courses that are not included in the major course catalogue.

3. For students who completed non-major courses (that is, courses not included in the major course catalogue) by the end of the 2019 semester, only up to 4 courses (12 credits) from the attached list can be recognized as satisfying major course credit requirement.  Any courses not on the list will not be credited towards major course requirement.




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