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Early Graduation Application Period for 2021 February Graduation
Sep 7, 2020  |  Read: 339


Early Graduation Application Period for 2021 February Graduation


1. Requirements for early graduation

   1) Students who completed a minimum of 6 semesters in total and satisfy  graduation requirements

    2) A cumulative of GPA is 3.75 or above (on 4.3 scale)     

        * A cumulative of GPA is calculated based on all courses that had been registered.


2. Restrictions 

    1) Students from Department of Architecture(5 year course), College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, 

        College of Pharmacy

    2) Transferred students

    3) Students who have a record of academic warning


3. Application period: September 14 (Mon) ~ September 18 (Fri) 5 p.m.


4. Submission: Fill out the application form (attached the file) and submit it to the Academic Support Team 

                           (#B101, Underwood Hall)


5. References

    1) Early Graduates cannot remain in the state of 「Completion of Course」.

    2) Students who cancel the application for early graduation must enroll next semester even if they completed 

        all requirements for graduation.

    3) Students who have applied for early graduation cannot enroll for Volunteer Service courses which open 

        in this 2020 winter semester.

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