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Course Withdrawal for Emergency
Sep 25, 2020  |  Read: 551


Course Withdrawal for Emergency

The Course Withdrawal for Emergency is implemented only for the 2020 Spring semester courses to remedy the unfair evaluation result endowed unrelated to students’ learning abilities or efforts such as unstable network environment and poor IT devices in online/non-face-to-face classes under the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Applicable Students : Undergraduates of Sinchon Campus(including the International Campus) who have completed the 2020 Spring semester.

※ All students (including those on leave and on military leave) should apply during this semester’s course withdrawal period.
      - Those who graduated or in the state of ‘Completion of Bachelor’s Degree’, and Dismissed Students as of August 2020 cannot apply.
      - 2020 Fall semester Medicine/Dentistry/Nursing College students cannot apply.
        (Only 2020 Fall semester Freshmen in Nursing can apply.)

2. Applicable Courses for Withdrawal
One course completed in 2020 Spring semester except for P/NP graded courses. At least one course must remain completed after withdrawal.

3. Course Withdrawal Period for Emergency

October 6 (Tue) 09:00 ~ October 12 (Mon) 23:59

- Cancellation of withdrawal is possible through the Yonsei Portal during the course withdrawal period.
- Withdrawal cannot be cancelled after the course withdrawal period.
- Graduating students are advised to take due heed to their graduation requirements before applying for the withdrawal unless they fail to meet the graduation requirements due to the withdrawal.

4. Recalculating GPA after Course Withdrawal for Emergency

Recalculated GPA will be reflected from October 26 (Mon) 09:00, and can be checked at the Yonsei Portal Service (http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr/ → Academic Information System → Academic Management System (Degree Programs) → Course → Grading Browse).

The withdrawn course will be marked as ’WE (Withdrawn for Emergency Situation)’ instead of grade on the transcript and be excluded from GPA calculation.
※ Students who wish to graduate or be in ‘Completion of Bachelor’s Degree’ status must check whether the course withdrawal does not result in lack of graduation requirements

5. Notices

1) Students with the course withdrawal are not eligible for academic honors even if their GPAs meet the requirements.
2) 2020 Spring semester academic warnings, academic warning dismissals, academic honors given based on the original GPA before withdrawal will remain effective regardless of the GPA change.
3) The original GPA before withdrawal is applied in screening the qualification for the grants and scholarships, student loans of the Korea Student Aid Foundation.
4) The original GPA before withdrawal is applied when screening the qualification for internal and external scholarships.


Q1) I am currently retaking the course I have taken in the 2020 Spring semester. What happens to this course if I withdraw the course I have taken in the 2020 Spring semester?
A1) Current course will be counted as your first attempt. The number of repeating chance will be restored and the maximum grade constraint of A0 that applies to the retaking course will not be applied, either.

Q2) What happens to the exempt grade and credit for the course I had previously taken if I withdraw from the course I have retaken in the 2020 Spring semester?
A2) Even if you withdraw from the course retaken in the 2020 Spring semester, the grade and credit that were exempt due to “Repeating” the course will not be restored.

Q3) If I am unable to apply for the Course Withdrawal for Emergency due to personal reasons, are there any further opportunity for course withdrawal?
A3) Any students who plan to withdraw 2020 Spring course are advised to apply for withdrawal this semester. Anyone who apply for 2020 Spring semester’s course withdrawal after the above designated withdrawal period will be asked to submit documents that can verify your physical inability to apply for the withdrawal during the 2020 Fall semester withdrawal period.

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