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Application for Changing Graduation Plan in February 2021
Oct 14, 2020  |  Read: 58

Application for Changing Graduation Plan in February 2021 

1. Period: 9am, October 27 (Tue) ~ 5pm, November 2 (Mon), 2020

2. How to Change Graduation Application Status 

    Visit the Yonsei Portal System (http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr) → Student Record → Graduation/Advancement → Graduation Application

3. References 
   1)  Graduation qualification review is applicable to those who apply for Graduation or Completion, and students   on leave are not applicable for the review.
 If you have fulfilled the graduation requirements and are no longer willing to take courses, you must apply or  Graduation or Completion.
 For graduation-delay applicants, students who already fulfilled the graduation requirements should register  at least one course during the last semester (Spring / Fall) in order to apply for Graduation or Completion.  

  [Not Eligible for Graduation or   Completion]
    1) Student who fulfills the graduation requirements after completing
        the summer / winter session while taking a leave of   absence
    2) Student on leave who meets the graduation requirements
    3) Student who have fulfilled graduation requirements but did not   register  
        any class in last semester                

    2) Certificate of expected graduation will be issued to graduation applicants only.
   3) Students who would like to declare a minor or 3rd major (or more) should choose the major  they want and save it when applying for graduation or completion.
   4) If an early graduation applicant wants to cancel the application, please submit the  cancellation form of the early graduation to the Academic Support Team (Underwood Hall B101).

4. Contact Us for More Information 
- College of Liberal Arts / College of Commerce & Economics / College of Business / College of Theology /
  College of Social Science / College of Music / College of Sciences in Education / College of Human Ecology : TEL 2123-2091
- College of Science / College of Technology / College of Life Science and Biotechnology /  College of Pharmacy : TEL 2123-2097
- UIC / Global Leaders College : TEL 2123-2087




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