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WIC & CC On:Line for 2021 Prospective Freshmen and Current Students
Dec 29, 2020  |  Read: 1,107
WIC & CC On:Line (Writing Intensive Clinic & Common Curriculum Online)
언더우드국제대학 입학 예정생과 재학생들이 우리 대학에서 요구하는 미국 대학 수준의 학술적 영어 글쓰기를 수행하고, 문학, 역사, 철학, 연구방법 등 공통교과과정(CC)을 보다 잘 이수할 수 있도록 지원하고자 개발된 유료 프로그램입니다. 올해에는 코로나19 감염병 확산상황을 고려하여 2주간 온라인으로 운영할 예정입니다.  강의, 토론, 개인 지도 등을 통하여 대학 생활을 경험하고, 핵심 학업 역량을 강화하며, 우리 대학 교수님들과 직접 만날 수 있는 좋은 기회를 제공하오니 학생들의 적극적인 참여를 기대합니다. 
The WIC (Writing Intensive Clinic) & CC (Common Curriculum) On:Line is an online, rigorous two-week program designed to prepare incoming freshmen and current UIC students (including students on a leave of absence) for the intellectual demands of UIC. Combining intensive academic writing instruction with a preview of CC lectures, WIC & CC On:Line aims to familiarize students with the essential components of a UIC liberal arts education. Through lectures, discussions, workshops, and individual consultations, students will get a head start on experiencing college life and refining the academic skills necessary for success at UIC as well as meet and get to know our regular, full-time faculty members.
- Application Period: Jan. 6(Wed.), 2021 ~ Jan. 13 (Wed.), 2021
- Program Dates: Jan. 18(Mon.) ~ Jan. 29 (Fri.), 2021
- Payment in Full Dates: Jan. 6(Wed.), 2021 ~ Jan. 13 (Wed.), 2021
  (Application Fee: KRW 50,000,Tuition Fee: KRW 1,100,000)
  * Prospective and current UIC students (including students on leave of absence) will receive a 50% tuition scholarship/deduction.
For more details about WIC & CC On:Line, please refer to the attached leaflet and program timetable.  



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