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Important Announcement regarding Medical Insurance for International Students (by the Office of International Affairs)
Jan 21, 2021  |  Read: 615

Important Announcement regarding Medical Insurance for International Students (by the Office of International Affairs)


1. There is no obligation for international students to submit their insurance document when registering for courses of 2021-1st spring semester.

: Meaning, it is possible to register for courses without submitting an insurance document.

※ Separate announcement will be made regarding how to upload the insurance document after the semester starts.


2. From March 1st, 2021, all international students must mandatorily register for National Health Insurance.

: international students with the following visa status are all subject to this policy change: D-2(Student) visa, D-4(Language training) visa, F-4(Overseas Korean, subject when studying abroad)


3. Detailed guideline about National Health Insurance will be sent after mid- February.

: The Office of International Affairs cannot provide additional guideline as of this moment as the guideline from the National Health Insurance Corporation has not been confirmed yet.

Detailed information regarding the amount to be paid and payment method will be announced later.


4. If you are a currently enrolled international student residing in Korea, please maintain your private insurance until the date you register for National Insurance on March of 2021. If you are a freshman expecting to arrive to Korea in January or February, it is recommended to enter Korea with a traveler insurance.


[Major Announcement from the Ministry of Education regarding National Health Insurance]

According to the National Health Insurance policy change, from March 1st, 2021, those who have visa status of D-2(Student). D-4(Language training), Overseas Korean(F-4: subject when studying abroad), will be registered mandatorily as regional members of National Health Insurance.


1. Insurance Fee

Insurance fee of the year 2021(21.3-22.2) is reduced by 70% of the average insurance fee, and this 70% will be reduced by 10% every year until 2023.

*Reduction rate: (21.3~22.2)70% → (22.3-23.2)60% → (23.3~)50%


2. Date of Effect

Degree-seeking international students(D-2) who are expecting to stay in Korea for more than 2 years will be registered to National Health Insurance from their date of entry. The same goes for Overseas Korean(F-4) who are studying abroad for degree-seeking.



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