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[Spring 2021] Enrollment for UIC-first courses
Feb 5, 2021  |  Read: 6,386

Enrollment for UIC-first courses

 The submission deadline is February 10th 12:00 P.M.(noon)(Korea local time), and the system will be closed exactly ON TIME. Considering equal opportunity with other students, NO LATE SUBMISSION is accepted. Please be advised that any delayed submission due to technical problems cannot be taken into consideration.


1. UIC sophomores, juniors and seniors may apply for UIC-first courses on February 9th~10th. Students must submit the Google survey from 10:00 AM on February 9th to 12:00 PM(noon)(Korea local time) on February 10th.

=> Google Survey Link : closed

2.If applied correctly, UIC first courses will be automatically enrolled. Students can check enrolled first courses at 9am, February 15th.

3.Four times the credits of UIC first course will be automatically deducted from the total mileages. Hence, students who took advantage of this policy will have reduced mileage during course enrollment period.

4.Only those who declared their major or double major as ECON, PSIR, QRM, AS are allowed to apply for enrollment of UIC-first courses during the period.

5. Students are NOT allowed to apply for non-UIC first courses during UIC-first courses enrollment period, February 9th~10th.

UD: 02-2123-3925 / HASS: 032-749-3761 / ISE: 032-749-3801






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