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[CDM,IID,CTM Only] Underwood Inside Program 2021 with change of course requirements (March 5 - 9)
Mar 5, 2021  |  Read: 256
Dear CDM, CTM, IID Students,
First of all, we would like to express our thanks to students who applied to the Underwood Inside Program 2021. We conducted document review and interviews of the applications submitted until February 24th and selected the first round of applicants, but still have a few rooms to select more students. 
Therefore, we decided to make a call for the 2nd round of application with change of course requirements from March 3, Wednesday to March 9, Tuesday. If you are interested in applying, please check the detail below and the link to the application:
Changes of course requirements are:
- Students should take 1 course from two categories (design thinking, systems thinking, computational thinking) per semester (total of 2 courses)
Each category must be covered by at least 1 course at the end of the year.
semester 1: DT 1 + CT 1, semester 2: CT 1 + ST 1 (O) semester 1: DT 1 + CT 1 + ST 1, semester 2: DT 1 + ST 1 (O)
semester 1: DT 1 + CT 1, semester 2: DT 1 + CT 1 (X) --> no course taken at ST per year semester 1: DT 1+ CT 1 + ST 1 v, semester 2: ST 2 only (X) - > take at least 1 courses from 2 categories per semester
This change has been informed by the KIDP after the first round of application process because they understand difficulty of taking extra classes per semester. If you were not able to apply to the program because of the difficulty of registration, please apply to the program again from March 3, Wednesday to March 9, Tuesday. (If you already submitted your application, you don't need to apply again.)
If you have any questions, please contact at ash_k@yonsei.ac.kr or any CDM, CTM, IID professors.
Soojin Jun

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