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AP, IB Credit Approval Form for the 2021 Spring Incoming Freshmen
Mar 11, 2021  |  Read: 837


Yonsei University awards a maximum total of 9 credits for Advanced Placement (AP), IBDP(International Baccalaureate Diploma Program) credits and a maximum of 6 credits from the 9 credits may be counted toward major requirements.

Please fill out the attached AP/IB Credit Approval Form, submit it to your academic advisor along with the official transcript to get academic advisors’ signature by May 31, 2021.

Academic Advisors (Professor Mihyun Kim, Professor Hyunsang Kim, Professor Yoonjung Jang) may review the form for both UIC elective courses and major courses, so please feel free to contact them.

- Professor Mihyun Kim: mk918@yonsei.ac.kr   /  032-749-3068 or 02-2123-3930
- Professor Hyunsang Kim: jimkim@yonsei.ac.kr   / 032-749-3067
- Professor Yoonjung Jang: lucyjyj@yonsei.ac.kr  / 032-749-3078


* Yonsei University policies on AP/IB and other external credit are subject to review and change.
Courses you apply (or will apply) for credit approval should not be enrolled  again. If you enroll for the course that has been approved, the credits earned by AP/IB will be deleted and the course approval will be automatically cancelled.


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