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2021 Summer Session Registration Guidelines
May 14, 2021  |  Read: 734

2021 Seoul & International Campus - Summer Session Registration Guidelines 

2021 Summer Session classes will be conducted through online and non-face-to-face lectures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Depending on the extent of the spread of Covid-19, some classes with laboratories, practice, or studio requirements may be converted to face-to-face lectures. Therefore, students are required to make sure to check the syllabus before registering for courses.

* Courses are subject to rescheduling. For the most updated course schedule and syllabi, please visit the website at http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr.

* Maximum course load: Totally 7 credits for Regular Yonsei Summer Session
* Course withdrawal is not allowed.
* The summer session credits will be added to the cumulative GPA and the degree requirement credits.
* Course repeat: - The repetition of the courses taken in spring 2021 is not allowed.   It is the responsibility of each student to check the Yonsei University  for further updates and details.

 < 2021 Regular Yonsei Summer Session > 

1. Important Dates




Course Registration Period

(Tue) May 25 ~ (Thu) May 27, 2021

(08:00 ~ 17:00)

Go to Yonsei Portal System online (* Sign-in available from 07:00) *Application: Waiting Number System (Not Mileage System)

(Fri) May 28, 2021

Announcement on Course Cancellation in the 1st Round

Add & Drop Period

(Tue) June 8~ (Wed) June 9, 2021

(08:00 ~ 17:00)

Additional course registration available   for seats left

(* Sign-in available from 07:00)

(Thu) June 11, 2021  18:00

Announcement on Course Cancellation in the 2nd Round

Print Bill & Enroll


(Mon) June 14, 09:30  ~ (Tue) June 15, 2021,   17:00

Go to Academic Management System   (Registration_ Browse /   Registration) in Yonsei Portal. Print the bill and   make payment at any   Woori Bank in Korea (Internet banking available)

Course Period

(Mon) June 28 ~ (Mon) July 19, 2021

 3 credit / 2credit courses   5days per week,  16 days in total

 2. Eligibility - Current Students and Students on leave (Including students on leave for military service) in Seoul & International and Mirae Campus

3. Application
(i)  Seoul & International Campus: Course Registration URL: http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr (Go to Yonsei website à sign into Yonsei Portal System) (ii) Student capacity is limited
(iii) Students can take Summer/ Winter Sessions in exchange universities (For more details, please see a separate announcement on the noticeboard)

4. Course Offerings
※ Course schedule and syllabi of available courses will be announced on the website near Wednesday, May 13, 2021. From Thursay, May 13, 2021, it will be available on Yonsei Portal – “Course Catalogue and Syllabus: Undergraduate & Graduate.” (Note that courses are subject to rescheduling without notice. Students are responsible for checking most updated information until the commencement date.)

5. Tuition Fee: (Fees per Credit Point X No. of Credits) + Laboratory Fee
(i)    Fees per Credit Point: 110,000  KRW
(ii)   Laboratory Fee: Physics, Chemistry, Biology:  20,000 KRW / Mathematics, Statistics, IT: 10,000 KRW
(iii)  Voluntary Service Coursea : 30,000 KRW

6. Maximum Course Load and Credit Recognition
(i)   Maximum Course Load: 7 Credits
(ii)  Credit Recognition
-   Credits earned in the summer session will be counted towards the student’s graduation credit and GPA (However, students who were enrolled in 2003 or earlier can only earn the number of credits, but the grades will not count towards GPA)  
-   If prospective graduates in 2021-1 semester takes summer session, credits completed will be reflected in their graduation requirement -   Students on leave of absence cannot graduate after completing summer session (E.g. If a student is on leave for 2021-1 semester and has met the graduation requirement by completing courses in summer session, s/he cannot graduate in August 2021.) Students on leave must register for the next regular semester and complete at least 1 credit hour to graduate (i.e. students must be registered in the university at the point they are applying for graduation.)

7. Course Withdrawal
(i)   Once all the procedures of Summer Session Registration (i.e. course enrollment period, add & drop period etc.) are completed, course change, course withdrawal, or cancellation are not allowed.
(ii)  If there is an inevitable excuse for a withdrawal, students must submit a petition form and the receipt of tuition payment to Academic Support Team of Office of Academic Affairs(Underwood Hall B101)
(iii)   Tuition Refund
-    Withdrawal before the commencement date (Monday, June 28) : Full tuition
-    Withdrawal after commencement and before 1/3 of the session (Friday, July 2  17:00): 2/3 of the tuition
-    Withdrawal after commencement and before 1/2 of the session (Tuesday, July 6  17:00): 1/2 of the tuition
-    Withdrawal after 1/2 of the session: Withdrawal prohibited

* Refund can only be made if the student’s bank account is registered on Yonsei Portal (Students must check and register their bank details are in the Yonsei Portal System in advance)

8. General Notes

(i) Summer session can only be taken on one campus among Seoul (International) Campus, Mirae Campus or Exchange University (If a student applies for multiple locations, all will be canceled)
(ii)   Course Repeat
-   Students cannot re-take courses taken in the previous semester in the summer session (E.g. a course taken in 2021-1 semester cannot be retaken in this summer session.)
-  Students must check FAQ because the regulations for course repeat varies according to the year of admission)

If you have any questions, contact Academic Support Team of Office of Academic Affairs (02-2123-2094)


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