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Announcement of Selection for 2021-1 UIC Research Project - Global
May 14, 2021  |  Read: 342

Thank you for your recent application for UIC Research Project. We appreciate your interest, the time and effort committed to the proposals. Underwood International College is more than pleased to announce the selection of 2021-1 9th UIC Research Project-Global final participants. Finally, 3 teams have been selected after a rigorous round of selection process. The selection was made through blind review of the proposals.

Following are the final Research Teams selected for UIC Research Project-Korea this coming winter.

Research Title


Political   tension surrounding France’s refugee policy reforms of 2015 and 2018, and its   lessons to the republic of Korea

Jiyoon   Hwang (IS ’18)

Comparative study of public and expert attitudes   towards major cryptocurrencies: the South Korean case.

Marc Koffi ('18, QRM)

Bedeuro Kim ('16, IS)

Beyond the digital: Reimagining the museum experience

Yoon Joo Chung ('18, IID)

Abogail Tan ('17, CDM)

** The final participants above were listed according to the order of submissions.

Course Enrollment and Tuition Payment

1. Course enrollment will be done automatically.

2. Tuition Payment period is from June 14th (09:30 ~17:00).

* Go to Academic Management System (Registration_ Browse / Registration) in Yonsei Portal. Print the bill and make payment at any Woori Bank in Korea.

Kick-off Meeting Schedule for Research

There is a mandatory on-line orientation for research on May 20th, 2021 6:00pm ~ 8:00pm due to COVID-19. Detailed information will be provided through individual e-mail soon. 

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