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2021-2nd Semester Registration Guideline for Current Students
Jul 8, 2021  |  Read: 1,418

2021-2nd Semester Registration Guideline for Current Students

※ Not applied for students who are scheduled to graduate, to leave of absence, or at the state of 'Completion of Course'

1.  Registration Schedule

A. Regular registration



Additional registration



2021. 8. 20.(Fri) 09:30~8.   26.(Thu) 17:00

2021. 9. 9.(Thu) 09:30~9.   13.(Mon) 17:00


Selecting Miscellaneous Fees

2021. 8.   2.(Mon) 09:30 ~ 8. 13.(Fri) 16:00


Print the bills


2021. 8. 20.(Fri)   09:30~8. 26.(Thu) 17:00

2021. 9. 9.(Thu) 09:30~9. 13.(Mon) 17:00

Extra   semesterStudents can only print during additional   period(except   TIP applicant)


Enrolled students

Enrolled students(except students taking extra semester)

All Enrolled students


Students returning school

1st, 2nd applicants for   returning school

All applicants for returning school


Students takingextra semester

  • Pay 1st installment in case of applying for TIP

Students taking extra semester(except applicant for TIP)


Applicants forTuitionInstallment Plan(TIP)

  • Pay 1st installment             
  • Fail to make  1st payment,   TIP will be canceled without notice
  • Pay the full tuition if you fail to make 1st payment

Refer   to the additional notice atYonsei homepage

※ please note the date of printing bill and registration day depending on objects.


B. Tuition Installment Plan registration

1)  Application period : 2021. 6. 28.(Mon) 09:30 ~ 2021. 8. 13.(Fri) 17:00

2)  Procedures: Yonsei portal system → Tuition and payment → Registration → Installment Payment

Number of Installment


Registration Period




2021. 8. 20.(Fri) ~ 8. 26.(Thu)   17:00


2021. 9. 23.(Thu) ~ 9. 27.(Mon)   17:00


2021. 10. 7.(Thu) ~ 10. 11.(Mon)   17:00


2021. 10. 29.(Fri) ~ 11. 1.(Mon)   17:00



2021. 8. 20.(Fri) ~ 8. 26.(Thu)   17:00


2021. 10. 7.(Thu) ~ 10. 11.(Mon)   17:00

-  If students fail to make a payment during each scheduled period, application for the TIP will be cancelled automatically and the full remaining balance must be paid immediately. If not, students will be prohibited from completing the relevant semester according to school regulations. (PAID TUITION IS NOT CARRIED OVER TO NEXT PAYMENT)

-  Application for TIP for the next semester will be prohibited for students who have not make their scheduled payment.

-  You can check every details about registration (ex, print bill and payment verification) on Yonsei Portal System.

-  Please fnd the details at Yosnei Homepage Notice.


2.  Selecting the Miscellaneous Fees

A. Selecting Period: 2021. 8. 2.(Mon) 09:30 ~ 8. 13.(Fri) 16:00

B. Procedure

▶ Log in Yonsei portal (http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr) → Tuition and Payment → Registration → Print/Registration → Miscellaneous Fees Choice → Select 'the Miscellaneous Fees' → ‘Finalize’

C. Note

1)  Students can only select the miscellaneous fees during the designated period

2)  Students can change their choices about the miscellaneous fees after clicking the 'Temporary save' button.

3)  After clicking 'Finalize(Print the bill)' button, students cannot change their choices at all.


3.  Printing the bills & payment verification

A. Bill Printing Period





2021. 8.   20.(Fri) 9:30 ~ 8. 26.(Thu) 17:00

※ Extra semesterStudents can only print during additional   period

Additional registration

2021. 9.   9.(Thu) 9:30 ~ 9. 13.(Mon) 17:00

B. Procedure

▶ Log in Yonsei portal → Tuition and Payment → Registration → Print/Registration → Browse/Registration → Print the bill (or print payment verification)

The tuition invoice(bill) cannot be printed after the tuition is paid. Please print the invoice before paying the tuition if you need the document.

※ Payment verification can only be printed after registration.


4.  Methods of payment

A. Make an accurate deposit of the total tuition amount at once (cannot pay separately)

▶ A virtual deposit account is provided for each one of student. Payment will be verified even if the deposit is made by another person’s name.

▶ It is possible to pay through internet/phone banking, ATM, and at the bank counter.

-  Remittance charge may be occurred using banks other than Woori bank.

-  It is impossible to return payment for changing payment methods.

B. Credit Card (Woori card ONLY, other banks' credit card/ debit cards/ corporate cards cannot be used) ▶ Pay at the Woori Bank branches with printed bill or visit Woori card homepage ▶ You can verify the payment in the Yonsei portal system 3~4 hours after payment.

▶ The registration can be made automatically even though a cardholder’s name is not match your name.

▶ You cannot pay TIP with credit card.

C. Wire Transfer

▶ If you are not able to pay tuition fee by any of methods stated above due to some conditions such as living abroad, please pay it by wire transfer.

▶ Since only one time payment is allowed, please consider the exchange rate and other charges for transferring the money. If the deposit is less than the bill, the registration will not be processed. If the money transferred is more than the tuition fee, the rest will be refunded during the semester to the account registered at Yonsei Portal.

▶ The oversea transfer may take some time. Make sure that the deposit would be confirmed by end of registration period.

Bank Information

· Name of Bank(branch) : Woori Bank   (Yonsei University branch)· Recipient : Yonsei University· Swift Code : HVBKKRSE (or HVBKKRSEXXX)· Bank Address : 50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu,   Seoul 120-749, Korea


5. Students taking extra semesters

A. Printing the bills/registration period: 2021. 9. 9.(Thu) 9:30 ~ 9. 13.(Mon) 17:00

B. Selecting the Miscellaneous Fees: 2021. 8. 2.(Mon) 9:30 ~ 8. 13.(Fri) 16:00

C. Tuition for students taking an extra semester

Undergraduate students

All graduated students

Registered Credits


Registered Credits


1 – 3 credit(s)

1/6 tuition

1 – 3 credit(s)

1/3 tuition

4 – 6 credits

1/3 tuition

4 – 6 credits

2/3 tuition

7 – 9 credits

1/2 of tuition

More than 7 credits

Full tuition

More than 10 credits

Full tuition

Students who enrolled“Research Enrollment” without credit

12% of tuition

0 credit or chapel only


D. Students taking extra semesters can only register during additional registration period

E. Applicants for TIP among students taking extra semesters pay the first installment on the regular registration period.

F. Students who are not taking extra semesters pay full tuition regardless of credits.

G. No refund of tuition under any circumstances when you withdraw your classes after you paid your tuition


6.  Refund of tuition

▶ The basic date for refund refers to a chart below. (Leave of absence, quitting)

Period of taking leave of absence/quitting school

Tuition refund


~ 9. 13.(Mon)

Full refund of tuition

Closing   date of application for a general leave of absence:11. 12.(Fri)

9. 14.(Tue) ~ 9. 29.(Wed)

5/6 refund of tuition

9. 30.(Thu) ~ 10. 29.(Fri)

2/3 refund of tuition

10. 30.(Sat) ~ 11.   28.(Sun)

1/2 refund of tuition


※ Must register refund account before changing the status. (The account should be Korean banks’ account under the student's name.)

※ Procedure : Log in Yonsei portal → Academic Information System     → Academic Management System → Personal Data → Bank Account Information


7.  Please NOTE

A. One will be expelled if the tuition is not paid by the designated date (article 35, school’s regulation)

B. Please visit Yonsei Portal to check every detail about registration (ex. print bill and payment verification)

C. More contact information

▶ Tuition payment: 82-2-2123-4500

▶ Scholarship: Undergraduates (82-2-2123-8191) / Each Graduate School administration team

▶ D-2 visa and COA

-  Undergraduate: International Affairs Team 82-2-2123-6492 (UIC Office if UIC freshmen 82-2-2123-3924)

-  Graduate: Contact your graduate school office

 ▶ Dormitory: Shinchon campus (82-2-2123-3622), International campus (82-32-749-2991,2)


Vice president for General Affairs, Yonsei University

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