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Re-Admission Application Guidelines for Fall Semester 2022
May 10, 2022  |  Read: 532


Re-Admission Application Guidelines for Fall Semester 2022


 1. Qualified Applicants

   * Dismissed students
      - due to failure to complete their enrollment during the designated period
      - due to failure to  return after the allowed leave of absence period expires
      - due to academic warnings and 2 years or more have passed since dismissal date
      - due to exceeding the maximum semester limit
      - voluntary withdrawal

  2. Application Unit

  A few numbers from all majors except for Pharmacy 
     (Students affiliated to following departments can apply only for remaining quota
      : From Class of 2016, Department of Education: Sophomore, Physical Education; Senior)

         * Students affiliated to the Department of Law which was abolished can apply  re-admission only to the Department of Public Administration.
         * Students affiliated to the College of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing should contact  the office of each college for re-admission information.

 3. Re-Admission Procedures(Document Screening)

     1) 1st Review: Office of Academic Affairs Review
     2) 2nd Review: College Review Committee (College/Major Department Review)
     3) 3rd Review: Re-Admission Committee Review
           * If necessary, additional written test or interview could be administered.  
        *If evaluated as not qualified in any of the above screening procedures, re-admission     is not allowed.

 4. Documents for Submission

      1) Completed Re-admission Application Form (prescribed form)
     2) Petition for Re-admission (prescribed form)
     3) Academic Plan (prescribed form) with the signature of the department head
     4) Written Oath (prescribed form) 1 copy
     5) Official Transcript 1 copy
     6) 학적증명서 1부  (Certificate of academic record, issued in Korean only)    
          * A copy of official transcript and a copy of 학적증명서 can be issued on Yonsei Portal    System or at the University Service Center (Baegyangnuri B1).

 5. Schedule

      1) Application Period: 5. 23. (Mon) ~ 6. 7. (Tue) 9 a.m. ~ 5 p.m.
     2) Venue of Document Submission: Office of Academic Affairs (Underwood Hall B101)
     3) Announcement of the result: 6. 30. (Thurs)
         * Visit the Yonsei Portal System (http://portal.yonsei.ac.kr) → Log in → Academic  Management System → Student Record → Re-admission → Re-admission Result 

6. References

      1) After re-admitted, students MUST register and cannot take a leave of absence during the 1st semester.
     2) The academic records (Period of attendance, Academic warning(s), Earned credits,  Grades. etc.) before dismissal remain.  
            - Re-Admitted students who used up all the chances of leave of absence before  re-admission,  cannot take a leave of absence after the re-admission.
           - Re-Admitted students should graduate within 12 semesters (Students originally admitted as freshman) including the semesters they have already attended. If they exceed the maximum period of enrollment, they will be dismissed. Students who were dismissed due to exceeding the maximum semester limit can graduate within 16 semesters (For 3rd year Transfer Students, 8 semesters, total)
           - Academic warning(s) students received before dismissal will remain effective. Students who were dismissed due to academic warnings will be dismissed when receive one academic warning.
     3) Re-Admission is allowed only once.
        When students give up re-admission after getting accepted, re-admission is not allowed ever again.
     4) Applicants cannot take summer/winter courses before they have been officially granted re-admission.
     5)  Re-Admitted students cannot apply for a change of affiliation.    



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