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[Innovation] 2023 Spring Need-based Fellowship Scholarship Application Announcement
Mar 10, 2023  |  Read: 308

2023 Spring Need-based Fellowship Scholarship Application Announcement

 *Graduate students Only

1. Types of Scholarship : Need-based Scholarship (가계곤란장학금)

2. Scholarship Eligibility : Students currently enrolled in the Department of Innovation

                                                                   Students who are not in their additional semester (M.S/Ph.D : within 4 semesters

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Joint : within 6 semesters)

3. Amount: 542,000 KRW

4. Application Period:  ~  5:00 P.M. March 31st(Friday), 2023. The deadline is based on Korea Standard Time and will be enforced. 

5. Application Materials for Need-Based Scholarship

[Korean Students]


1)  Need-based Fellowsip장학생 신청서(사유서 포함) – 첨부파일 양식 활용

2) 재학증명서

3) 가족관계증명서

4) 주민등록등본

6) 의료보험 납입증명서


1) 지방세 세목별(재산세) 과세증명서 *신청학기 기준, 전년도 증명서

2) 기타 경제적 사정 증명서류


[Non-Korean students] 

The following should be prepared in English.


1)    Application Form for Need based Fellowship (including the statement of reasons) : Attached

2)    Certificate of Enrollment

3)    Copy of Alien Registration Card (or Copy of passport)

4)    Applicant’s Parent’s Proof of Citizenship document (or Family Relation Certificate)


1) Applicant’s Parent’s income certificate *Based on the application semester, previous year's certificate

6. How to Apply: Compress the application form and all the supporting documents into one zip file and submit to uicinv@yonsei.ac.kr within the application period.

* The zip file must be saved as "Need-based Fellowship Application_your name" ** E-mail title: 2023 Spring Need-based Fellowship Application (your name)

7. Interview schedules for the need-based scholarship will be announced individually, if necessary.  

For any questions or concerns, please contact to Innovation office ( uicinv@yonsei.ac.kr )

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