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UIC cNeuro Lecture Series with Professor Sehun Chun
Oct 13, 2023  |  Read: 155

Speaker: Dr. DongWoo Chae

Requirements: Aspiring computational Neuroscience  Researchers [ Under/ Grad Students]

Location: Daewoo Annex Hall, B102, Sinchon campus

Deadline: Monday, October 18, 2023 (11:59PM)

RSVP:  Link or Scan QR Code  


Pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology are interdisciplinary scientific fields that focus on the quantitative analysis of drug behavior in the body and the interactions within biological systems. For students immersed in mathematical disciplines, these fields offer a unique opportunity to apply quantitative skills to tangible, real-world challenges, contributing to advancements in healthcare and therapeutics.


This lecture aims to provide students with a foundational understanding of pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology, exploring their significance, methodologies, and applications. Our goal is to elucidate how mathematical models, statistical methodologies, and computational tools are instrumental in understanding drug behavior and interactions within biological systems, offering students a glimpse into a potential career path.

Key Topics:

1. Introduction to Pharmacometrics:

- Introduction and the importance of quantitative approaches.

- Unraveling drug behavior: PK (pharmacokinetics) and PD (pharmacodynamics) through differential equations.

- Nonlinear mixed effects modeling: The key statistical framework of pharmacometrics

- Simulation techniques: Model assessment and predictions

2. Introduction to Systems Pharmacology:

- Definition and differentiation from traditional pharmacology: Network pharmacology

- Understanding the biological systems: from genes to physiological outcomes.

- Integration of various biological information to predict drug responses.

- The role of nonlinear dynamics and complex system analysis

3. Applications in Drug Development:

- How these disciplines guide dose selection, safety evaluation, and therapeutic optimization.

- Predictive modeling for patient-specific drug responses.

- Impact on regulatory decision-making.

- Career pathways: From academia to industry, the demand for quantitative expertise.


For mathematical minds, the fields of pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology open doors to a world where numbers translate to improved health outcomes and innovative therapies. Through this lecture, we aim to inspire and guide students, highlighting the vast potential and oppo lie in bridging mathematical prowess with pharmacological insights.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ojafter16@yonsei.ac.kr


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