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[Innovation] 2023-2 Need-based Fellowship Scholarship Application Announcement
Oct 16, 2023  |  Read: 301

Scholarship Overview:
Scholarship Name: Need-based Fellowship
Eligibility: Student who has not exceeded 4 semesters for Master's & Doctoral programs and 6 semesters for Integrated programs, facing financial difficulties (including foreign students).
Scholarship Amount: Within the range of regular tuition fees (for new students, the combined admission and tuition fees). It is disbursed separately from other scholarships.
* The allocation amount is 1,000,000 KRW, and the payout amount varies depending on the number of recipients.

1) 내국인
가. Need-based Fellowship 장학생 신청서(사유서 포함), 재학증명서, 가족관계증명서, 주민등록등본, 의료보험 납입증명서
나. 선택 사항: 지방세 세목별(재산세) 과세증명서, 기타 가계곤란 증명서류

2) For Foreign Students
The list of required documents for submission:
- Need-based Fellowship Scholarship Application (including a statement of purpose)
- Certificate of Enrollment
- Copy of Foreigner Registration Card (or passport copy if not available)
- Nationality-authenticated copy of parents' resident registration (or family relationship certificate)

Submission Deadline: October 31, 2023

How to Apply:

Compress the application form and all supporting documents into one zip file and submit it within the application period.

-The zip file should be saved as 'Need-based Fellowship Application_your name'

-Email subject/title: 2023-2 Need-based Fellowship Application (your name).

-Interview schedules for the need-based scholarship will be announced individually if necessary.

-Only current students in the department of Innovation can apply.

Please submit your application documents and inquiries to the Graduate School of Innovation Administration Team at uicinv@yonsei.ac.kr.

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