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2023 Comprehensive Inspection of Firefighting Facilities (International Campus)
Oct 24, 2023  |  Read: 135
According to Article 22 of the "Act On Installation and Management Of Firefighting Systems,” there will be a comprehensive inspection of firefighting facilities at International campus as follows.
A. Inspection Subject: All International campus firefighting facilities
B. Inspection schedule (26 days in total)
■Total of 22 days during November ~ December, 2023(refer to the attached file for detailed schedule)
C. Note
- The inspector visits each room to check on the firefighting facility.
- Please note that emergency announcement, alarm, siren, and visual alarm are operated on the date of the alarm testing, and communal entrance is temporarily opened.
- Refer to the attached notice for the inspection schedule and details of each building, and please note that the schedule may be changed according to the site situation

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