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[Recruiting] Graduate TA for Prof. Bonggeun Choi(LearnUs support) - Korean students only
Mar 2, 2024  |  Read: 345

The position for Prof. Bonggeun's TA is supported by the Innovation Center for Teaching and Learning(ICTL). Please read the following details and send your application to Prof. choi at  bg.choi@yonsei.ac.kr by March 6th.


1) Period: Spring 2024 semester

2) Scholarship amount: 1,800,000 KRW(a student's scholarship amount cannot exceed the amount of tuition. Please check with your affiliated graduate school if you are eligible to receive the full amount)

3) Eligibility

- Affiliation: Graduate School Department of Innovation 

- Enrollment: Only current/enrollment-permitted (not applicable to leave of absence)

- Duration: within Master's 4 semesters, Doctorate 8 semesters, Integrated 12 semesters

- Admission: Not eligible for international admissions or government invitations

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